CATcard  Service  Center
Dudley H. Davis Student Center, 590 Main Street
Burlington, VT 05405
Phone  (802) 656-4509    Fax  (802) 656-4528
Email the CATcard Office

The CATcard ID Is The Official Identification Card For Students,
Faculty And Staff At The
University Of Vermont.
It Functions As A Dining Card, Library Card, Debit Card,
Bus Pass, And Much More! 
For More Information Check Out
  Card Type/Privileges

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    Spring Break Hours  



                          March 9th-13th                     

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To report a lost/stolen card call Police Services at 656-3473. If it is after the above listed hour, they will deactivate it for you.  If your card is found after CATcard hours you may bring it to the Police Station on East Avenue to have it reactivated.

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