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Get a Card: I'm UVM Medical Center House Staff

UVM Medical Center house staff are entitled to an UVM Courtesy ID card. If you will be granted a teaching appointment through the College of Medicine you must be in the UVM PeopleSoft System to obtain a UVM Faculty/Staff ID card. We are a one-card campus — all campus amenities are serviced via the one UVM card. This card provides you door access and the UVM debit account known as CATscratch.  You may obtain an ID during or after your orientation session has taken place. You are required to bring a form of a government issued photo ID with you (Driver's license, Military ID, Passport, etc).

 UVM Medical Center House Staff 

  • UVM Medial Center house staff  may obtain their ID anytime during or after their orientation session.  
  • Access to your privileges will be activated at the time the card is issued.
  • CAT$cratch, the prepaid debit account, may be opened at any time and works right off the ID for your convenience.
  • The first card is free.

Last modified December 20 2016 02:41 PM