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You will need the PDF Viewer for these forms.
If you are on-campus or have a UVM ID, you can download it from this location: UVM CIT
If you are off-campus or do not have a UVM ID, you can download it from this location:

CAT$cratch Application:

This form needs to be filled out when opening CAT$cratch, UVM's prepaid debit account.

CAT$cratch Deposit

Print this form if you would like to mail in a check to the CATcard Service Center.

Department Card Request:

For those departments who use photocopiers and/or University Graphics and Printing.
This card provides your staff a way to copy or print documents at the libraries and provides departments better accounting of copier and printing usage.

Department Deposit:

For departmental deposits only to add additional funds to your existing department copier card.
You must be an authorized signer on the budget from which you are requesting the funds to be deducted.

Department Rental Equipment Agreement:

For departments and organizations that are interested in mobile reader rental for CAT$ratch payments and attendance tracking.

Card Access Request:

If you need access to a building with CATcard readers this is the form you need.
Commonly referred to as the 'Blue-form' it is filled out just like a brass key request.

Dining Staff ID Request:

Dining employees must have form printed out on Sodexo letter head and signed by a supervisor.

Temporary Staff ID Request Form:

Employees must be in the PeopleSoft System and must have this form printed out on the requesting departments letter head.

Undergraduate Access Request Form:

To request building access for an Undergraduate Student please fax over the completed form to the CATcard Office. Fax # 656-4528

Vendor Badge Request Form:

Contractors must be sponsored by UVM Department and have form printed on requesting UVM Department letter head.

Video Surveillance - University Operating Procedures:

University operating procedures for video surveillance. See next link down for the form.

CATcard CCTV Letter:

CCTV surveillance camera request receipt and explanation letter.

Video Surveillance Request Form:

This form must be filled out for all video surveillance on UVM property or on properties rented, leased or otherwise occupied by UVM.

Select the form you want and press PRINT on your browser.
Fill it out and either scan, drop in the mail or fax it to us.
You can even fill it out online and print it out after.

        CATcard Service Center
        Billings Library
        Burlington, VT  05405
        Fax (802) 656-4528

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