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The Student Services team welcomes you to the College of Arts and Sciences and is excited about working with you during your time at at UVM; we are dedicated to helping you meet your academic and life goals. Our office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and is comprised of a team of professionals who are available to meet with students during daily walk-in hours, 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. or by appointment.

Some of the services we provide:

  • Help students utilize available resources on campus
  • Point of contact for late withdrawals, leaves of absence, incompletes
  • Determine degree completion and eligibility to graduate
  • Offer academic workshops to enhance student success
  • Monitor student academic progress
  • Notify faculty when students are missing classes due to serious illness or an emergency
  • Help students with personal or health issues connect to support systems
  • Sign academic forms which require the Dean's signature (examples include study abroad forms, change of student status, permission to take more than 18 credits)
  • Provide Arts and Sciences Orientation for new incoming students
  • Provide current advising and university policy information to the Arts and Sciences Community
  • Facilitate communication among faculty, staff, and students concerning advising issues
  • Implement College and University policies
  • Implement academic disciplinary actions in accordance with the College Studies Committee

Student Affairs -- Phone (802) 656-3344, Fax (802) 656-4529 Email:

Mailing Address: College of Arts and Sciences, University of Vermont, 438 College Street, Burlington VT 05401

Patty Corcoran -- Assistant Dean for Student Affairs --
Oversees the division of student affairs

Judy Barber -- Academic & Student Services Advisor --
Advisor, Financial Aid Appeals contact,  Transfer Student Coordinator

Dana Christiansen -- Student Services Representative --
Student Service Representative, Honors, student records specialist and work-study coordinator

Elizabeth (Libby) Dunbar -- Academic & Student Services Advisor --
Advisor, ALANA, Admissions, Visitation Programs, Scholarships

Kathleen (Kathy) Floyd -- Academic & Student Services Advisor --
Advisor, curriculum, catalogue, Washington Semester program

Mark Hall -- Academic & Student Services Advisor --
Seniors, A&S Degree Requirements, CATS Audits, Study Abroad, Dual-Degree Advisement, Graduation Certification

Sarah Helmer -- Academic & Student Services Advisor --
Student Advisor, liaison with Counseling Center, end-of-term grade review

Lise Larose -- Academic & Student Services Advisor --
Advisor, enrollment management, Orientation, course/room scheduling

Doreen Taylor -- Academic & Student Services Advisor --
Advisor, Pathway program and international education liaison, veterans, curriculum matters, research and analysis, publications

Amelia Wilcox -- Student Services Representative --
Student Service Representative, student records specialist

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