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Path to Medical School: Beyond Academics

Although metrics (GPA and MCAT scores) are important components of your medical school application, there are many other aspects of your candidacy that will be closely evaluated. It takes time to grow into the kind of applicant who is highly valued as a candidate. Medical school admission committees will be looking for evidence that you have made choices that have supported strong character development, show evidence of maturity, and indicate that you have a very realistic understanding of medicine as a career. This all takes time, so the first piece of advice is to apply when you have had adequate time to develop into a strong and confident applicant. These are the important components to consider outside of academics:

  1. Is medicine the right path?: Vetting the Profession
  2. Keeping your pulse on health- and health-care related issues
  3. Engaging in your community
  4. Scientific Research as preparation for medical school
  5. Reflecting on your Core Competencies

Read specifics and find resources for each of these important topics in Beyond Academics

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