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What’s Up With The New MCAT?

When Will It Change?

Spring 2015 – the exact date has not yet been established.

Does This Apply To Me?

If you identify with the class of 2015, you might take the new MCAT. If you identify with the class of 2016 or later, you should expect to take the new MCAT.

How Will It Be Different?

  • A new section on social and behavioral sciences will be added. It will test your knowledge of introductory psychology and sociology concepts. It will also include questions addressing introductory biology concepts related to behavior.
  • The biological sciences section will now include introductory biochemistry concepts.
  • The writing sample will be dropped.
  • The total time for the test, including breaks, will expand from 5.5 hours to 6.5 hours. 

What Should I know About Preparation For The Test?

There are new recommendations for additional coursework above and beyond the typical premedical requirements. These classes include at minimum:

  • 1 semester of introductory biochemistry

  • 1 semester of introductory psychology

  • 1 semester of introductory sociology

  • 1 semester of statistics (instead of a 2nd semester of calculus)

See Academic Preparation for specific UVM class recommendations.

Where Can I Get More Detailed Information on the Test?

You can download the Preview Guide for the MCAT 2015

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