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Career Fairs: Information for Job Seekers

Find success at the Career Fair! Watch this video for 7 great tips!

Career Fairs give you the opportunity to learn about the great organizations that are interested in hiring UVM students and alumni.

You’ll find:

  • Full time jobs
  • Part time & Summer jobs
  • Internships
  • Information about careers and industries.
  • Tons of free pens, pencils, water bottles...

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What should I bring?

  • Bring copies of your resume (on good quality resume paper if you’re really serious about looking for a full-time job). If you don’t have a resume, it’s okay. Come to the fair, connect with recruiters and follow up later. It’s also helpful to have a folder to gather notes, job descriptions and business cards.  If you like taking notes, bring a pen and pad of paper

What should I wear?

  • Dress professionally and remember that a big part of your presentation and the impression you leave is your attitude and professionalism.  Smile, shake hands and make eye contact.

Who should I talk to?

  • Look at the organizations that are coming to the Job Fair and identify those of greatest interest.  Make sure to visit their tables at the Fair, but also consider chatting with other employers who you may not know a lot about. You may learn about an opportunity that interests you.

What should I say?

  • Introduce yourself. Share some highlights of your resume, education and experience that you believe would be of interest to them.  Communicate your curiosity, interest and enthusiasm by asking them a question about their organization. Ask questions that demonstrate your knowledge of the company/ industry.

Do I need to come for the whole time?

  • No. Give yourself enough time to connect with all of the employers that interest you.

What if I don’t see what I’m looking for?

  • First, be curious about the companies that are there and have conversations with their representatives.  Be open to exploring what opportunities a company has to offer, you may be surprised.  Career Center staff will be available at the fair and you can talk with us if you feel stuck.

    Here are some additional resources:

Remember that the job search process is usually not a one-day event.  Make a plan to continue to explore opportunities, research companies, expand your professional network, and apply for positions that interest you.  The importance of networking cannot be overstated.

Preparation and Tips for the Career Fair

Before the Career Fair

  • See who’s coming to the fair and identify the organizations you want to connect with.
  • Look at the websites for the companies and opportunities that you’re most interested in.
  • Polish your resume and bring it to the fair.
  • Prepare your elevator speech.
  • Think of the questions that you want to ask.  Write them down so you remember them at the fair. They don’t need to be complicated and you don’t have to think of a new question for each organization.
    • What do you enjoy about working at Company XYZ? Can you tell me about the culture?
    • What types of jobs or internships are available?
    • What are you looking for in a strong candidate?
    • How did YOU get YOUR position there?
    • I’m very interested in this opportunity. How do I follow up?
  • Create good questions that show you’ve done your research.

At the Career Fair

  • Dress professionally.
  • Bring your resume on quality resume paper.
  • If you’re really nervous and uncertain, try to think of this as an opportunity to simply learn about the companies.  You don’t HAVE to “sell yourself” to a company. You can just have some conversations to learn about THEM.
  • Be open to learning about an organization or possibility you hadn’t thought of.
  • Be curious and considerate.
    • Have as many conversations as you can.
    • Practice asking questions and gathering information.
    • Recognize that other students want to connect with the recruiters as well.
  • Connect with employers and collect information.
    • Collect business cards and information so that you can follow up later.
    • Tell recruiters about yourself and why you’re interested in the company/position.
    • Ask thoughtful questions and learn about the recruitment process.
    • Show your interest and enthusiasm.
  • Make notes after you speak with someone so that you can remember it later.

After the Career Fair

  • Reflect on your conversations and evaluate which organizations you’re most interested in.
  • Follow up with recruiters. Send a thank you note and resume and cover letter to those who interest you. If you take notes during the fair, it will make this easier.

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