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Student Search Tips

  • Set up Job Alert Emails
  • Creating a Printable Job List
  • Searching for Non-Profit Jobs
  • Setting up Job Alert Emails with Catamount Job Link

    Did you know you that with Catamount Job Link you can set up automatic Job Alert emails? By setting up a "Search Agent," you will be automatically sent jobs that fit your criteria. Here's how:

    1. Log in to Catamount Job Link. Choose "Search" and "Catamount Jobs" from the top menu.

    CJL student home

    2. Choose "Advanced Search" at the top. Then create a name for your new Search Agent, and click the "save as" box.

    advanced search

    3. Fill in your search criteria.

    advanced search-2

    4. Choose "Submit."

    advanced search 3

    5. Review your search results. As new jobs that fit your criteria are posted, they will be emailed to you.

    search results

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    Creating a Printable Job List from Catamount Job Link

    With Catamount Job Link, you can easily create a printable job list--a summary of your selected jobs for easy printing. Here's how:

    1. Complete a search (either by position number or keyword).

    search results

    2. Choose the positions you're interested in, by checking the boxes next to the employer names. You can also select the whole list by clicking the plus sign button [+] at the top of the list. Once you have selected the jobs you'd like to print, click the "Printable Job List" button.

    printable job list

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    Searching for Non-Profit Jobs

    There are several techniques for searching for non-profit jobs in Catamount Job Link. We recommend using all of them to get the best results. If you'd like to skip to each technique, these links will take you directly to them:
    1. Catamount Jobs - Keyword Search
    2. Catamount Jobs - Advanced Search
    3. NACELink Extended Search

    Searching for Non-Profit Jobs: Keyword Search in Catamount Job Link

    First, log in to Catamount Job Link. Here's what your home screen will look like:

    Catamount Job Link home screen

    Next, choose "Job Postings." You have two options here, Catamount Jobs and NACELink Extended Job Search. Choose Catamount Jobs.

    job posting step 1 - catamount jobs

    Here's what you'll see under Catamount Jobs. Note that you'll automatically see all the jobs currently active in the system, typically sorted by most recently posted.

    CJL - all active catamount jobs

    To narrow down the job listing, and see what you're really interested in, enter a keyword in "keywords" and then hit the search button. You can also select only certain position types, such as just internships or summer jobs.

    keyword search - option 1

    You'll see a selection of jobs that fit your keyword. You can see that our search for "nonprofit" got 10 results. If you're not seeing as many jobs as you'd expect, try altering your keyword search:

    keyword search - 2

    You can see that changing the keyword gave us more results; trying multiple keywords and leaving the search as open as possible will typically yield the best results.

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    Catamount Jobs - Advanced Search

    Another option is to use the advanced search option to search by industry. First, log in to Catamount Job Link and choose "Catamount Jobs."

    CJL home screen - choosing Catamount Jobs

    You'll see a list of all the jobs currently active in the system along with a simple search function.

    Catamount Jobs - all postings

    Choose the "Advanced Search" button, which will bring you to a screen where you'll be able to narrow your search further.

    advanced search -1

    If you scroll down on this screen, you'll get to the "industry" field. Choose Nonprofit.

    CJL Advanced Search, Screen 2

    You'll see a list of your search results. You'll see, this gave us the most results but not necessarily the same results - some jobs may use different keywords - so we recommend using all these methods for finding jobs that will be of most interest to you.  Also, at this stage you may be interested in ways to create a printable job list or create a daily email job alert.

    advanced search results

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    Using the NACELink Extended Job Search

    Catamount Job Link also gives you access to a national job search called the NACELink Extended Job Search. (NACE, if you're curious, is an acronym for the National Association of Colleges and Employers) Typically, you will get more results from the NACELink Extended Search, although the search methods are a bit more limited.
    To use this search, log in to Catamount Job Link and then select "NACELink Extended Job Search" under "Job Postings."

    CJL homepage- choosing NACE Extended

    Enter in a keyword and a location.

    Nace Extended - entry form

    Your results will open in a new window. There are several filters to narrow down your results on the left side of the screen. If you're not seeing things you might be interested in, on the right side are direct links to run your search through, Google, and simplyhired.

    nace extended search results

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