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Savvy Seniors: New Year! Let the ride begin!

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Here’s a little inspiration from Story People

Story People

off on another adventure of a lifetime & hoping he won’t forget halfway through this time”

Set your compass, raise the sails, and keep on breathing!  Here are a few things to pack for the upcoming adventure called Life! After college!

Curiosity:  Be curious each day about the next step, the next conversation, the next connection to make.

Compassion: Getting a job and life you want takes time!  Be gentle with yourself in times of change, while you keep leaning into the wind.

Commitment: There are no firm deadlines & assignments to meet in life, no one checking in over your shoulder.  You are steering the ship, so keep an eye focused forward and set your own search schedule.

Humor: Laugh often.  Abandon all Eeyore tendencies when thinking “I gotta get a job….”  Keeping positive is key, so take time each day to see the humor in things -  watch a comedy re-run, take a laughter yoga class, or make a belly-laugh chain with friends.


Rebounding from Defeat: A Lesson in Perseverance

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Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin knows what it’s like to struggle in a job search.  The 23 year-old point guard in the National Basketball Association (NBA) was drafted by and then let go from 2 other teams before landing a spot on the New York Knicks roster.  Even then, as a fourth-string point guard on a team of big-name players, his chances of seeing any time on the court were doubtful.  Then, it happened; and he’s been setting records ever since.

Lin’s story has insights to offer beyond how to connect that field goal in the final seconds of a tied game to take home the victory.  His story is transferable to anyone pursuing a job or career path.

This article from Forbes highlights some of the key aspects of Lin’s driving forces that have brought him to where he is now:

1. Believe in yourself when no one else does.
2. Seize the opportunity when it comes up.
3. Your family will always be there for you, so be there for them.
4. Find the system that works for your style.
5. Don’t overlook talent that might exist around you today on your team.
6. People will love you for being an original, not trying to be someone else.
7. Stay humble.
8. When you make others around you look good, they will love you forever.
9. Never forget about the importance of luck or fate in life.
10. Work your butt off.

No matter where you are at in your own career journey, consider these tips as inspirations to push forward toward your dreams.

~Ashley Michelle

Doing Good, Doing Well: Four Core Elements of Doing Well

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Belonging, Independence, Mastery, and Generosity

While to-do lists and deadlines are important to moving forward in our lives, clarifying our own intentions can move us in the direction we really want to go. The Circle of Courage, a strengths-based development philosophy, identified four crucial elements that may be useful guideposts as you navigate classes, activities, relationships and responsibilities:

Belonging: Relationships of Respect
Mastery: Competence and Achievement
Independence: Personal Responsibility / Inner Discipline
Generosity: Making Positive Contributions

Belonging is one guidepost we use at Career Services.  Core elements of building a sense of belonging are: People, Place & Purpose.

How can this be helpful? Here are some questions to ask in your work/life exploration:

Who is doing work you believe in?
Who would you love to work with? Live near? Serve?

Where do you have or want to build connection?
In what type of environment do you flourish?  Location? Organizational culture?

What do you love doing?
What skills to you want to use? What is needed that you have to offer?

These questions can offer a larger perspective than your major, GPA and resume.  Reflect, explore and move in the direction that matters to you!


In Pursuit of a Balanced Life

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“Balance, peace, and joy are the fruit of a successful life. It starts with recognizing your talents and finding ways to serve others by using them.” -Thomas Kinkade

Healthy You

In this fast-paced world, it’s easy to learn the skills of extreme multi-tasking, sleep deprivation, delaying joy, and others that defeat efforts for our health and well-being.  School and work can make it challenging to practice self-care, and learning to balance all of life’s many demands can be tricky.

Although striking such a balance is no easy feat, even the President of The United States of America finds time to pull away from his demanding job.  The new year is a great time to begin implementing strategies to help you stay centered through all of life’s obstacles and prioritize the things that matter most to you.

Here are some tips for striking your own balance:

  • Identify your interests, skills, and values- reflecting on what’s important to you can help you assess what areas of your life need attention
  • Create manageable “To-Do” lists- develop a list of tasks and give yourself reasonable time to accomplish what you’ve laid out
  • Use a calendar or planner- by blocking out time for work, school, social activities, exercise and other parts of your day, you’ll give yourself a visual reminder of what balance means to you
  • Reserve time for ample sleep- 7-9 hours is generally advisable
  • Eat balanced meals- the new “MyPlate” icon, developed by the USDA, gives basic guidelines for balancing your meals

Balance takes practice, but the benefits are well worth the effort.  Here’s to a balanced, peaceful, joyful you!


Doing Good, Doing Well: Now for Something Different

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Time for a well deserved break!  Rest the mind, rejuvenate the spirit, and, well, maybe wonder a bit about the year to come and what you may want to create…

Need some inspiration?  Here are movies with stories about life purpose and direction. So, take a break from the books and enjoy some entertainment that may lead to clues on where you want to put your energy – once you have recovered from the busy semester.


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