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Doing Good, Doing Well: The Power of Intention

Posted on November 21, 2013 with No Comments

Sprout in cupped hands, surrounded by soil

‘So much to do and so little time to do it!” This could be the slogan for these times with endless deadlines, constant connection, and the relentless question: “so what are you going to do with your degree?”

Yes, there are many steps to take in your career action plan.  Experience + career + experience + networking + experience…  And yet, we also need a sense of our own value & values to guide us or else the steps are scattered and become merely check-offs on a to-do list.

To steer the course of your own life, pay attention to intention! A goal is something you want to achieve. An intention is the way you want to live your life.  For example:

Goal: Get a job. Intention: Do meaningful work in the world.  Intentions express what guides you through your daily actions in support of small and big goals.

Here are five ways to claim your direction:

  1. Clarify: What matters?  People? Issues?  Doing your best?  Giving back? Paying forward?
  2. Focus: Keep your intention in mind as you move through each day.
  3. Activate; Take daily actions that demonstrate your commitment & intention.
  4. Share: Talk with others about what drives you to find others with which you can work.
  5. Acknowledge: Express your gratitude for people and interactions that support you, your intention and your career/life pathway.

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” Mary Oliver


Empowering Women Empowers EVERYONE

Posted on April 11, 2013 with No Comments

Ursula Burns, CEO of Xerox

When you think of a company’s “ethics,” what comes to mind? Sustainability? Fair trade? While these are important, let’s talk about an ethical issue that everyone has a stake in: gender equity.. In the US, women earn more than 50% of the graduate degrees, and yet they only hold a small percentage of the highest paying positions. This is not only an issue of fairness, but an issue of economics. That’s right, companies with more women in power succeed. In fact, they do better than companies with male-dominated executive boards.

On this note, when you are choosing a company to work for, do a little research and ask these questions:

1.)   Does the company offer opportunities for women to be promoted? Do they adamantly encourage women to do so?

2.)   Does the company have a committee/ task force dedicated to diverse hiring practices? Do they consider hiring women a business imperative?

3.)   Does the company engage in regular data, policy, and practice review in the area of gender equity? Similarly, do they have an annual goal for the number of women they hire?

Not every facet of this issue can be discussed in a short blog post. But the main point is that if you are a female college student/recent graduate entering the workforce, you are likely very qualified. And if you are a non-female college student/recent graduate entering the workforce, you will not lose out by being a part of the fight to empower women. Helping women succeed is not a zero-sum game; everyone wins!

~Sam, Career Peer Advisor

The Work of Loving the World

Posted on March 28, 2013 with No Comments

Hand Heart

“My work is loving the world.
Mary Oliver

How do we hold core life questions such as:

  • What is our work in the world?
  • How do we love?

We tend to focus on work as a way to pay the bills and value love in terms of who loves us.

May we turn our attention to a larger landscape: our work in the world as love in action.

What might you do today to express love and action?  Here are few examples for inspiration:

Love Letters to Strangers
Honk If You Love Someone
One Million Acts of Kindness
Break the Chain
Messenger by Mary Oliver

May your day be filled with acts of loving the world in small and unanticipated ways.


Making a Career Transition

Posted on January 17, 2013 with No Comments

Career Development Cycle

When thinking about making a career change many people might question whether or not it is worth their time, energy and resources to follow through with it due to the overwhelming feeling of the process. However, when people start reflecting on why they’re ready for a change possibly due to burn out, financial instability or new interests, taking the necessary steps toward a happier career can be worth the struggle. Below are a few tips to help you work towards your new goals and obtain the career that’s right for you:

1. Realize it’s never an easy process. Changing careers can create anxiety and fear, which are normal emotions when facing change, but it’s important you use these emotions to your advantage. These emotions can help you assess why you’re thinking about this change and if they are pointing out factors you should be considering when deciding to follow through with the transition. It may be helpful to talk about your ideas with a career counselor or life coach to identify what it is you’re looking for in a job, how your transferable skills can be marketed to a new industry and how to create a plan that will be manageable for you.
2. Use your network. Consider connecting with friends, family, former colleagues, or finding people through LinkedIn to help you network. By identifying people who work within the field of interest, you will receive first-hand information about the reality of the chosen career and how you can get started with the transition. However, it’s probably a good idea to speak with more than one person within the field to give you a broader perspective.
3. Build a support team. By surrounding yourself with people who are positive and supportive of your new pursuits, you will have the additional resources you need to pull you through the skepticism you may encounter.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Every artist was first an amateur.”


Savvy Seniors: New Year! Let the ride begin!

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Here’s a little inspiration from Story People

Story People

off on another adventure of a lifetime & hoping he won’t forget halfway through this time”

Set your compass, raise the sails, and keep on breathing!  Here are a few things to pack for the upcoming adventure called Life! After college!

Curiosity:  Be curious each day about the next step, the next conversation, the next connection to make.

Compassion: Getting a job and life you want takes time!  Be gentle with yourself in times of change, while you keep leaning into the wind.

Commitment: There are no firm deadlines & assignments to meet in life, no one checking in over your shoulder.  You are steering the ship, so keep an eye focused forward and set your own search schedule.

Humor: Laugh often.  Abandon all Eeyore tendencies when thinking “I gotta get a job….”  Keeping positive is key, so take time each day to see the humor in things -  watch a comedy re-run, take a laughter yoga class, or make a belly-laugh chain with friends.


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