Are you ready for some football? Career Lessons from the Gridiron

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If you’re a fan following the NFL lockout scare this summer, you’re probably relieved to know that football will be coming back this fall (and for the next 10 years, at least).  But whether or not you stay glued to the television every Sunday through February 5, or don’t know the difference between touchdowns and field goals, there’s something we can all learn from the game.

Just like any other job, professional football requires teamwork.  To flourish in the workplace, we must consider the roles we play on teams and how they serve the goals of our organization.

Former player and coach (and current ESPN analyst), Herm Edwards, recently gave a speech to this year’s new NFL recruits to prepare them for the season ahead.  He didn’t spend his time discussing technical skills, but instead challenged players to consider their part as members of teams and provided insight on the importance of humility when starting a new job.

So much of what Edwards shared with the league’s new players is transferable to workplaces in general.  An article by Business Insider identified some applicable quotes from the speech, including:

  • “This is bigger than you.”
  • “Don’t get sensitive, be coachable.”
  • “Learn to compete against yourself.”

Whether you’ll be following your favorite team all season or only watching the Super Bowl for the commercials and halftime show, the advice shared by Edwards will serve you well as you enter new work experiences.  Just don’t go around tackling coworkers, unless it’s your job.

~Ashley Michelle

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