Making a Life Worth Living

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Are you interested in creating a life with meaning while making a difference?  You are in good company! Students in Global and Regional Studies 95 (Fall 2010) explored Right Livelihood, personal missions and putting their values into action on a daily basis.  Here are some actions and resources that inspired them into living by their beliefs and convictions.

At Home

Right Livelihood is a Buddhist concept of earning a living in an ethical, values-based manner.  In other words, using your values as a lens for making decisions about your work and actions in the world.

Putting that into play, GRS95 came up with principles of Right Livelihood at UVM :

  • LOVE: Combine Passion and Love – what matters most to you
  • POSITIVE: Offer contagious positivity
  • RESPECT: Create respectful relations with others and the earth
  • COMMITMENT Take a stand for something you believe in, leading by example
  • COMMUNITY: Prioritize community & face-to-face relationships
  • CHALLENGE: Accept the challenge of overcoming adversities, not letting fear get in your way

Out In The World

Living by our convictions has a ripple effect that spreads beyond our own lives.  And sometimes we need to look beyond our doorstep for inspiration and camaraderie. Here are some connections from the world at large:


The Right Livelihood Award Outstanding vision and work on behalf of our planet and its people.

Yes! Magazine Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions Connecting people, organizations, and resources to help build a world where all people can live free and dignified lives.

Worldpulse Global issues through the eyes of women.

Storycorps Every voice matters.

Making It Real:

Life doesn’t begin once you graduate.  Clarifying who you are, what matters to you and putting it into action each day is important.  With so much information coming at us each day and so many demands on our time and attention, it is important to be thoughtful about where we put our energy.   Developing a vision and taking action can assist you in navigating and creating a life you want to live.  Here are some steps:

  1. CREATE a mission statement
  2. ACT – life is now, not just once you graduate – take actions daily that matter
  3. CONNECT  – build connections with people who inspire you


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