Including Relevant Coursework on Your Resume

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Choosing the content for a resume can be difficult beside sections such as your name and contact information, “Education” and some form of “Relevant Experience”. A section to consider including is “Relevant Coursework” for the following reasons:

Listing rigorous classes under “Relevant Coursework” can exhibit traits such as “hardworking”, “determination, “strong work ethic” and many more that cannot be explicitly stated in a resume. Relevant Coursework describes the knowledge and extent of technical skills. Another use of this section includes filler; if you cannot quite fill up one full page for a resume, relevant coursework can help you get there.

Now, the mechanics of relevant coursework consist of formatting and placement/priority. There are two formatting options: list and bullet point. Choosing between the two is a matter of preference, but the bullet point format with two columns is usually preferred as it optimizes space and is easy to decipher. I would suggest listing between 4 to 8 relevant class titles, not course numbers since class numbers do not mean anything outside the University.

Placement or priority of a relevant coursework section should be taken seriously. The ideal location for Relevant Coursework is a separate section beneath Education or a subsection of Education, as it flows better between sections.

These are the most effective approaches for a Relevant Coursework section. I hope you feel prepared to incorporate your own Relevant Coursework section into your resume.

~Randall, Career Peer Advisor

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