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Savvy Seniors: What’s Your Plan?

Posted on April 12, 2012 with No Comments

Stepping Stones

Commencement is just six weeks away!  If you don’t already know what you are doing and how to get there, here are some tips and advice to get you going.

Not Sure what you Want to Do?
You’re not alone!

  • Assess and Prioritize

What can you do today to prepare for tomorrow?

Take one small step towards your goals!

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Blogging Yourself into a Job

Posted on November 29, 2011 with No Comments

Marshall McLuhan famously wrote that “the medium is the message.” When you list your blog on your resume, the message you send to a potential employer is that you understand the importance of modern media and its role in society. As a medium, a blog is very much an extension of yourself; it allows you to express a fuller version of yourself beyond your resume.

I Think, Therefore I Blog

A blog is not just for writers and artists to advertise their portfolios, it’s a tool for all jobseekers to demonstrate their ability to analyze, synthesize and communicate information in their field. By blogging about professional and academic experiences, jobseekers can animate those bullet points on their resume, bringing to life a semester abroad, a service-learning course, or an internship. Here is a good example.

Like anything else you include on your resume, you must carefully consider whether or not your blog promotes you as a candidate.  Poorly organized, infrequently updated, incredibly personal or irrelevant blogs can work against you! Also keep in mind that a blog can be a compliment to a resume but it is not a substitute.

Blog the Blog

Other Advantages of Blogging

-A blog can reveal hard-to-communicate personal qualities: passion, creativity, imagination, etc.

-Blogging allows you to come across as an individual before the interview.

-Know the tools of the trade: more and more companies are using blogs to organize projects

-Your blog will pop up if employers Google you!

Don’t have a blog? Here is a basic guide to getting started as well as strategies for writing good blog posts and maintaining a blog routine.


Savvy Seniors: Explore Options

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Cliff Jump

Doctor Teacher Lawyer Accountant Firefighter

Those are the easy ones. How many careers can you name?

As you prepare to enter the world of work, take a moment to explore what’s out there.  Look before you leap.

You will find some great resources to get started under “Explore Options” on the Senior Checklist for Career Success. Read about different jobs, including the skills and education needed, the typical career path, salary and more.  Take a moment to browse through the different Job Families on O*Net and the Occupational Outlook Handbook . Anything strike your fancy? Make a list of any careers that you would like to learn more about.

Want to explore some more unusual career choices? Check out these articles:

35+ Unusual and Easy Jobs that Pay Well

The Most Unusual Jobs and Crazy Careers

Unusual Careers

To learn more about specific industries or companies, explore the Career Field Information page.  Also, check out One Day One Job. Everyday they profile opportunities at a different company, with a specific focus on opportunities for college students. They’ve profiled almost 1,500 companies!

Once you’ve got your list of interesting careers/organizations, you’re ready for the next step. Career Services often recommends informational interviewing as one of the best ways to learn more about a particular job, career path or company.  Talking to people who are doing the job that you are interested in can help you realistically assess whether that career would be a good fit for you.

You can start right now with these informational interview videos and personal accounts of different jobs:

However, if you are really interested in a particular job, take the extra step and talk to some real live people yourself.  Utilize the University of Vermont- Career Connection group on Linked In or the Career Connection database to find and reach out to UVM alumni in career fields of interest.

Ready, set, explore!


#socialmedia and Careers: Developing Your Social Media Presence

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Here in Career Services, we’ve been talking a lot about our online presence.  Social Media has increasingly become a major force in today’s job market.  Employers are using Twitter and Facebook to post open positions. Job seekers and long time professionals are connecting in special interest and industry specific groups on LinkedIn. Interviews are being conducted on Skype and we have yet to see how emerging technologies like Google+ will factor in.

While we’re excited about the ways that we use these platforms in our office, we’re also eager to work with you on how to create and manage your own social media presences.  Even though most students are engaged with some type of social media at this point, have you considered how you might use these mediums as tools in your job search and career process?

Career Sherpa developed a 3-part series earlier this summer highlighting some of the strategies that can be most effective when developing your social media profile, including:

There are so many social media outlets in today’s world and these are just sampling of them.  Regardless of which you choose to participate in, it’s important to make social media a tool in your career toolbox.  By developing your own social media presence, you can make intentional decisions about your image and stay current in the ever-changing world of work.

~Ashley Michelle


Top 10 Tips on How to Ace an Online Interview Using Skype

Posted on March 2, 2011 with No Comments

Recently our Career Services team hosted our first interviews using Skype for DraftFCB Chicago.  The interviews were a great success and allowed employers to meet students and alumni, just like you.

With an ever-increasing cost in travel time and expenses associated with in person interviews many employers have embraced interview methods, like Skype, that are more cost effective while maintaining the benefits of face-to-face interaction.  Here are a few hints from our Career Services team to help you prepare!

Career Services Top 10 Tips

1. Dress for Success: This is a professional interview.  It is important to be dressed professionally from head to toe just as you would for an in person interview.  Though the employers will mostly see you from your chest up if you are sitting, you may need to stand up or get up from your computer.

2. Ready Your Material: Know your application materials well and keep a copy of your resume and cover letter handy so that you may refer to it if needed.  Try not to read from your materials and keep as much eye-to-eye contact as possible.  Your answers will be weighed and selection decisions will be made based on your answers as well as your online camera presence.  It is a good idea to keep a notepad and writing utensil ready.

3. Do Your Research: Research the position and the organization before going to the interview and try to obtain a detailed job description. Use the Web ahead of time to research the company and read any printed materials available. Discuss the position with anyone you know who might have insights into the organization. This information will enable you to target your comments to the job and the organization and will demonstrate your interest. Your research will also help you formulate questions to ask the interviewer. Good questions display your thinking skills, your understanding of the position and your enthusiasm.

  • What do you know about this organization?
  • What contributions do you think you could make to this organization?
  • Why did you decide to seek this position with this organization?

4. Prepare Your Interview Space: Choose an area with a neutral background.  Adjust the lighting in the room so that you are clearly visible to your employer.  Be certain that the area you choose to interview in look professional and orderly.

5. Creating Your Professional Vibe: When you are creating your account come up with a professional screen name separate from the account you use when Skyping with friends.  Try something such as your first and last name with some generic numbers instead of babycakes900. By creating a separate account name solely for interviewing you run into the possibility of your friends calling you during your interview.

6. Test Your Equipment: Schedule a time a day of two before the interview make sure your microphone picks up your voice clearly and that your camera has a clear image.  Be certain that your internet connection is strong (for wireless users) or that you are plugged into a consistent internet source.  Make sure that your battery is fully charged and plugged into an electrical socket to maintain full battery life so that your computer does not shut off during your interview.  We recommend doing a test run with a friend to test everything out.

7. Eliminate Distractions: Any outside noise could potentially distract you during the interview.  It is best to limit the possibility of these distractions as much as possible.  Turn off your cell phone, the television, etc.  Close your windows and if you have any pets, make sure they do not come into your interview space.  It is also important to close ALL other programs that are unnecessary to your interview this includes IM, chat, Twitter, etc.  Running a lot of programs on your computer can slow down processing speed and cause additional lag time during your interview.

8. Sign on Early: Sign onto your Skype interview ahead of time.  If the hiring manager is already online, they will be impressed that you have shown up for the virtual interview early.  If they sign on after you, they will see that you were ready and waiting.

9. Look into the Camera: Make sure you are familiar with where the camera is on your computer and look into it rather than directly at the screen.  This will make it appear as though you are looking directly at the individual who is interviewing you – eye to eye contact – an important element selling point to any interview.

10. Visit Career Services! You can prepare for your interview with our friendly Career Services staff and visit our website at  You can come in for Drop in Hours 1:00-4:00 Monday through Thursday or you can schedule an appointment over the phone or in person to get ready for your future!

Helpful Online Resources

Check out this great video from TIME: How to Ace a Job Interview on Skype

Read about what Skype has to say on their blog about doing interviews utilizing their services


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