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Savvy Seniors: What’s Your Plan?

Posted on April 12, 2012 with No Comments

Stepping Stones

Commencement is just six weeks away!  If you don’t already know what you are doing and how to get there, here are some tips and advice to get you going.

Not Sure what you Want to Do?
You’re not alone!

  • Assess and Prioritize

What can you do today to prepare for tomorrow?

Take one small step towards your goals!

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Blogging Yourself into a Job

Posted on November 29, 2011 with No Comments

Marshall McLuhan famously wrote that “the medium is the message.” When you list your blog on your resume, the message you send to a potential employer is that you understand the importance of modern media and its role in society. As a medium, a blog is very much an extension of yourself; it allows you to express a fuller version of yourself beyond your resume.

I Think, Therefore I Blog

A blog is not just for writers and artists to advertise their portfolios, it’s a tool for all jobseekers to demonstrate their ability to analyze, synthesize and communicate information in their field. By blogging about professional and academic experiences, jobseekers can animate those bullet points on their resume, bringing to life a semester abroad, a service-learning course, or an internship. Here is a good example.

Like anything else you include on your resume, you must carefully consider whether or not your blog promotes you as a candidate.  Poorly organized, infrequently updated, incredibly personal or irrelevant blogs can work against you! Also keep in mind that a blog can be a compliment to a resume but it is not a substitute.

Blog the Blog

Other Advantages of Blogging

-A blog can reveal hard-to-communicate personal qualities: passion, creativity, imagination, etc.

-Blogging allows you to come across as an individual before the interview.

-Know the tools of the trade: more and more companies are using blogs to organize projects

-Your blog will pop up if employers Google you!

Don’t have a blog? Here is a basic guide to getting started as well as strategies for writing good blog posts and maintaining a blog routine.


#socialmedia and Careers: Developing Your Social Media Presence

Posted on July 21, 2011 with No Comments

Here in Career Services, we’ve been talking a lot about our online presence.  Social Media has increasingly become a major force in today’s job market.  Employers are using Twitter and Facebook to post open positions. Job seekers and long time professionals are connecting in special interest and industry specific groups on LinkedIn. Interviews are being conducted on Skype and we have yet to see how emerging technologies like Google+ will factor in.

While we’re excited about the ways that we use these platforms in our office, we’re also eager to work with you on how to create and manage your own social media presences.  Even though most students are engaged with some type of social media at this point, have you considered how you might use these mediums as tools in your job search and career process?

Career Sherpa developed a 3-part series earlier this summer highlighting some of the strategies that can be most effective when developing your social media profile, including:

There are so many social media outlets in today’s world and these are just sampling of them.  Regardless of which you choose to participate in, it’s important to make social media a tool in your career toolbox.  By developing your own social media presence, you can make intentional decisions about your image and stay current in the ever-changing world of work.

~Ashley Michelle


Linking In to LinkedIn

Posted on November 17, 2010 with No Comments

I was a senior in my final semester of college when an internship supervisor called me into her office and said, “you HAVE to get on Linked In. I’d like you to make a profile tomorrow when you come in to work, ok?”

“Sure, Ok. What is LinkedIn?”

“Oh, it’s like Facebook for professionals.”

And that was my introduction to Linked In. Why it was important to be a part of a professional online community when I was still in college seemed a bit hazy to me, but as I started to build my profile, upload my resume, and make connections to people I knew from volunteering, from internships, from part time jobs and from school…I started to get it. See, Linked In is a different forum than Facebook. Facebook is all about “social networking.” Linked In is about professional networking.

So…what exactly is networking? What, you mean you haven’t seen our amazing page on networking?! Take a gander…

Don’t forget about our wonderful Alumni Networking Events over winter break:

In NYC on January 5, 2011

In Boston on January 11, 2011

Networking is about building relationships; meeting people from your field, related fields…even completely unrelated fields. The idea is that by asking questions and listening, we can start to learn more about what others do in their work and think a bit about how this might impact us. On the flipside, we might also be thinking about how the people we meet might impact our network of contacts. Networking is a two-way street. LinkedIn is a tool to help you reach out to people, and help people reach out to you.

Check out Linkedin today!

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