University of Vermont


Vanessa Santos Eugenio

Office/Program Support, Employer Relations & Techonology Specialist

I completed my Masters of Education at the University of Vermont combining education, art therapy, and counseling. I completed my Bachelors or science in Early Education with a major concentration in Human Development and Family Studies. I hail all the way from the Philippines, to Japan, and later grew up in Norwich and Hartford, VT. I began my educational career by working in both the public schools and private early educational settings developing language enrichment programs primarily utilizing American Sign Language and Anti-biased curriculum. I was a hardware technician for microcomputer technologies at the Computer Depot as an undergraduate.

In my spare time I advise the Asian American Student Union on campus and serve as a committee member of the Women of Color Leadership Retreat. I am a local artist and run a art organization known as "We Art Women". I have a passion for poetry, art, gardening, antique collecting, and DIY home projects. I also make time to enjoy the art of tea and meditation practices.

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