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Service Learning Internship Course

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Call 802-656-3450 to schedule an appointment with Mary Beth Barritt, or email her at

How do I enroll in the Service Learning Internship Course?

  1. Check out the internship listings on Catamount Job Link and schedule an appointment with a career counselor to discuss the feasibility of this program for you and to identify additional potential sponsor agencies.
  2. Check with your academic advisor to ensure an internship fits into your academic plan.
  3. Create and maintain a resume.
  4. Investigate and apply to a minimum of two sponsor agencies/employers. Login to our online job search database, Catamount Job Link, for hundreds of internship options.
  5. Once offered an internship, complete the service-learning internship program application online.
  6. Meet with the Service-Learning Intern Instructor and bring with you:
  7. Take your Permission to Enroll Form (once signed by the Service-Learning instructor) to the Registrar before the end of Add/Drop, or ensure that this is completed online.
  8. Start your internship and field studies assignments!

Benefits: Credits through EDSS 239. Can use Federal Work-Study funds, if eligible. Limited stipends available. For more information, inquire about the Fishman Scholarship.
Course Information and Syllabus: Want to know more about the Service Learning Internship course? Check out the EDSS 239 syllabus.

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