University of Vermont

Choosing a Major

How do you choose just one?

Some people just know; most do not. The Career Center is here to help.

  1. Talk to professors of courses you are interested in or enjoying. Professors are great resources about what it might be like to major in that area.
  2. Get to know what majors and minors are offered at UVM. View the majors, minors and graduate programs list. Explore the UVM Catalogue.
  3. Learn about how many majors translate to diverse career paths. Visit the pages on what can I do with a major in ... ? and What can I do with this major?
  4. Complete the choosing a major worksheet: Answer the questions, then meet with a career counselor to discuss. View the worksheet.
  5. Come see us. Our career counselors are qualified to help you talk through all of your thoughts and questions when declaring a major. Schedule an appointment.

Last modified February 10 2016 08:21 AM