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Choosing a Major: A Worksheet

Answer the following questions, then schedule an appointment with a career counselor to discuss.

1. Identify some options!

Get to know the majors offered at UVM. What majors are of interest to you? Look at the majors and write down your top choices:

If you're not sure which majors you'd consider,

  • Eliminate any you know you wouldn't choose.
  • Review the course catalogue, highlighting all courses of interest. Look for clusters. Under which majors do they fall? Add these majors to your tentative list above.

Categorize your high school and/or college courses to date as follows (you may list a course in more than one category):

Did well:
Liked a lot:
Didn't like at all:

Do you notice any themes which might point to some good major options (similarities in content, topic, etc.) Add any new ideas to your tentative list above.

2. What would constitute a good major for you (check any that apply):

  • Consistency with my academic strengths (academic success)
  • Courses that sound interesting
  • Training for a specific career
  • Flexibility - could lead to a number of interesting career directions
  • Other:

3. What career fields/job families are you interested in?

Visit the What Can I Do with A Major In… page to see what alumni have done with majors that interest you. You can also explore by industry on this page: Research Career Industries. Write down any careers that seem of interest.

4. Which majors (from Step 1) seem consistent with your values (Step 2) and your Career Interests (Step3)?

5. Look a little further into your top major choices.

First, look at the specific course descriptions for your top major choices – still interested?
Next, talk to people who are affiliated with your top major/career choices: professors, other students/alumni from the major, alumni/professionals in your field of choice:

Major/ Career Field Potential Contact Person

Potential Questions to ask:

  • What fields of work do people with this major go into?
  • What skills/qualities etc. does it take to be successful in this major?
  • What majors are related to this one, and what differentiates this field of study?
  • Why did you decide to focus on this field of study?

For more great questions, please click here.

Next Steps:

  • Come see us. Our career counselors are qualified to help you talk through all of your thoughts and questions when declaring a major. Schedule an appointment to begin the conversation.

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