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Agriculture, General
Agriculture Job Search Websites


Arts, General

These are general web sites related to careers in the arts. You will find information on employment opportunities, internships, grants, residencies as well as exhibitions, events, and professional resources. 

Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Animation, Printing, and Photography

These sites are specific to the fine arts, graphic design, animation, photography, and the printing industry. Some sites listed are professional associations with industry specific resources. Many contain listings of jobs and internships.

Performing Arts, Music, Dance, and Theatre

These sites include information on career path, industry information, job opportunities, and resources for performing arts professionals.

Television, Radio, and Film

These sites contain listings of jobs and internships in the entertainment industry. Some sites are region specific.


This section provides information and resources regarding employment at museums, science centers, and cultural institutions.

Art Management and Technical

These are specific to arts leadership and management and also the behind-the-scenes careers in the arts. Some sites list job and internship opportunities.


These are web sites related to careers in business. Some provide information on business career paths and particular companies. Others focus on news and developments in the business world. You will also find industry associations and job postings.

General Business
Marketing/Advertising/Public Relations
Finance/Banking and Accounting
Socially Responsible/Progressive Business
Vermont Business
Business for Liberal Arts Students
Human Resources
Real Estate
Company Research

Communication and Media

Communication and Media, General

These web sites include job and internship listings for employment in communications and media. Professional associations with career resources and industry links can also be found below.

Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations

This section includes industry specific job search engines and professional associations for marketing, advertising and public relations. Many sites explore industry facts and trends and offer links to career resources.  

Radio, T.V., Film, and Multimedia

These are professional association web sites with information regarding careers in radio, television, film and multimedia; many sites include job and internship postings. This section also includes industry specific employment sites. Some sites are regional.  

Writing, Editing, and Journalism

These sites provide resources and employment listings for career opportunities in writing, editing, and journalism. Many of the professional organizations listed include national job opportunities. Some sites are regional.  


School and School District Locators

Find information about individual K-12 schools or school districts in the United States at the following resources (including public, private and boarding schools).

Government Educational Agencies

The following web sites include state and federal Departments of Education and information on teacher certification across states.

Education Web pages Including Employment Listings

These web sites include K-12 education job search databases and other resources for teachers.

Independent/Private Schools

Learn more about independent and private schools in the United States and beyond by visiting some of these web sites.

Teaching Internationally

The web sites listed here offer more information about teaching abroad, including job listings and other important resources.

General Job Search Sites

Additional resources to aid in your teaching job search.

Engineering, Computer Science and Math

Do you have questions about what it means to be an engineer? Are you looking for a job? These are professional association sites where you will find information about the various fields, networking opportunities, professional development and job postings.

Computer Science

These are websites related to computer science and IT career opportunities. Some are professional associations with information about the field and job postings. Others focus on research.

Engineering and Technical Search Engines

These are general search engine websites to find jobs and internships within engineering and computer science.  A few of the links are recruiter webpages where the site is hired by engineering and technical companies to recruit for them.


Summer Jobs/Internships


Federal jobs
State jobs
Post-graduation programs
Pre-graduation programs


Higher Education

General Higher Education

These are general web sites related to careers in higher education. Some are professional association sites where you will find information about the field and job postings. Others are job posting websites and periodicals.

Admission, Financial Aid, and Orientation

These are professional association web sites with information regarding careers in admissions, financial aid, and orientation; some sites also include job postings.

Educational Opportunity

These professional association sites cover areas within higher education and student affairs that focus on social justice, access, and equity issues.

Intramural and Varsity Sports

Professional associations for those interested in working with sports on campus whether through advising student-athletes or recreational sports.

Jobs in the Professoriate

Job search resources for those interested in jobs as college teachers.

Student Activities and Services

This section contains organizations and associations focused on student activities, student unions, international activities, health services, academic advising, and residential life.

Human Services and Social Work

These are web resources devoted to careers in Human Services and Social Services. For general sites, you might find it helpful to search for categories and fields you in which might be interested (e.g., “Counseling,” “Substance Abuse”).

General Human Services, and Social Service
Social work job search
Useful government links
Local organizations


If you’re looking for an international experience, these are some great web resources. Many of these sites have resources in multiple types of international opportunities, so be sure to investigate them thoroughl

Nonprofits and NGO's
Teaching abroad
Fundraising and scholarships
International programs
Short-term paid work


Curious about working in the non-profit sector? These are some great web resources. Many of these sites have resources in multiple types of opportunities, so be sure to investigate them thoroughly

Getting started
Job search
Volunteering and Service Programs


These are websites related to careers in science. Some are professional associations with information about the field and job postings. Others focus on research, current trends and news, and job postings.

General science sites
Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical
 Earth Sciences/ Geography

Sports, Recreation, and Hospitality

Sports Careers

These are general websites related to careers in sports. Some are professional associations with information about career paths, conferences, and job postings. Others focus on news, current trends, and job opportunities.

Sports Medicine/Athletic Training

These are websites related to careers in sports medicine and athletic training. You will find industry associations, job postings, career field information, current trends and best practices.

Recreation and Outdoor Careers

These websites are focused on adventurous, outdoor career paths and job opportunities. Explore related associations and industry news.

Hospitality Careers

These websites focus on job opportunities and career paths in the hospitality industry, including: restaurants, hotels, resorts, and more. You will also find professional associations and industry news.

General Job and Internship Resources

Job Search Engines

This section includes search engines for both national and regional job searches. Many sites also provide general advice and tips on the career development process. 

Internships Resources

These web sites contain listings and search engines for internship opportunities. National and regional web sites are listed. Some sites also provide tips for future interns and profile individual internship experiences. 

Salary Information

This section contains resources to research salary expectations for various industries. A number of sites provide salary calculators and tips for navigating the negotiation process.

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