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Career exploration: We'll guide you!
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Career planning is a life-long process. From an early age you have developed interests, skills and values that will affect your future career choices. You learn more about your strengths and career goals from engaging in experience, including: campus activities, leadership positions, athletics, internships, jobs, classes, research, volunteer activities and more! Through exploration and reflection you discover more opportunities that are a good fit for you and so continue the cycle of growth.

We can help you to fine-tune your individual process. Here are some tools to get you started with your career and major exploration; we're also available to assist you through appointments or drop-ins.

Step 1: Focus on Self: Identify Skills, Values & Interests

Knowing yourself is the foundation to discovering which major or career will be a good fit for you!

  • Begin articulating skills, interests, and values. Use these worksheets to identify your transferable skills and work values.
  • Consider how to grow your skills and interests. What activities and classes could you pursue? Who might you talk to? See the 4 Year Plan for Career Success.
  • Map out your Ideal Job, including the work environment and salary: The Anatomy of My Ideal Job worksheet
  • Additional assessment tools, including MBTI and Strong Interest Inventory, are available by scheduling an appointment with a career counselor.

Step 2: Explore Options: Research the Possibilities!

Use online and in-person resources to discover the wide array of opportunities in the world of work! To make good choices about your career path, it’s helpful to have information on various careers, industries, companies, job descriptions, and salaries. Consider how opportunities fit with your identified interests and skills.

Step 3: Pursue Expertise: Take action to Explore your Interests and Build Skills

It is essential to explore and evaluate your interests through experience and take advantage of opportunities that will build the necessary skills to reach your goals. Each year at UVM is an opportunity to get involved and grow both personally and professionally!

Step 4: Launch your search

Applying for a job or other opportunity is a several step process that demands attention to detail and follow through. Take the time to attend to each of the pieces and set yourself up for success! Through reflection, research and experience you should have a clear direction of where you are headed and how you want to grow as a professional.

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