University of Vermont

The Career + Experience Hub

What is the Career + Experience Hub?

The Career + Experience Hub is your gateway to unique and enriching opportunities at UVM and beyond!

Explore your interests and passions, find you niche and enhance your personal and career development through:

  • Internships
  • Jobs
  • Study Abroad
  • Undergraduate Research
  • Service Learning
  • Fellowships
  • Volunteering
  • Leadership
  • Campus Employment

As you craft your own 4 Year Plan for Career Success, utilize The Hub to discover and identify experiences that are right for you and your goals.  The Hub is a collaboration between the Career Center and other UVM departments to offer you the opportunity to stop by and begin your career development by learning about and engaging with a wide array of experiential learning opportunities

Drop by The Hub today. Staff and peer leaders will help you get started on your path to success and engagement.

Why Should I go to the Career + Experience Hub?

It's easy to have a Quick Consult that will move you closer to your goals and dreams.

When you want to get involved and do something interesting, but aren't sure what to do: drop by The Hub!

Whether you are a first year student looking for ways to get engaged on campus, or a senior trying to prepare for life after UVM, drop by The Hub to find experiences that are right for you and make a plan to reach your goals.

What is the difference between the Career Center and the Career + Experience Hub?

The Career Center in Living & Learning E 140 is still your resource for career exploration, the job and internship search and more! We and our partners will maintain our offices and continue to offer the great services we have in the past. Now it’s just easier to explore a wide variety of opportunities in one central location: The Hub!

Career Center  (Living & Learning E 140) The Career + Experience Hub  (Davis Center)
One-on-One Career Counseling Appointments Quick Consults to Explore a Wide Variety of Opportunities

Employer Interviews Drop Ins M-Th 1-4 pm, Fri. 1-3 pm (During the academic year)
Career Library Weekly Workshops: Resume, Job & Internship Search, Networking

During school breaks & the summer, Drop-ins are at the Career Center L/L E 140: M-TH: 1-2:30pm

Who are the Partners at the Career + Experience Hub?

Where is the Career + Experience Hub?

Find us at the Davis Center on the first floor. See map.

When are the hours of operation?

  • Monday through Thursday: 10am-6pm
    Friday: 10am-3pm


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