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The University of Vermont (UVM) is committed to supporting your student’s success!   The UVM Career Center is pleased to serve as an expert resource for your student as they successfully navigate their career development process.  UVM’s innovative Career Success Action Plan guides the university-wide collaborations necessary to support students as they learn about themselves and the world of work through their experiences at UVM and develop skills to self-manage this process in the future. The 4 Year Plan for Career Success serves as a comprehensive and detailed roadmap for each academic year.

Our Career + Experience Hub in the Davis Center is a vibrant drop-in center for students to explore a wide variety of hands-on opportunities from service learning to internships, from research to study abroad. Students can stop in for a quick question and leave with some concrete steps to get started!

As families, we know you are often valued supporters of these career journeys. Below you will find more information on the resources available to your students and ways that you can partner in their career success:

Major choice

There are many resources to support your student around the process of choosing a major.  All of the majors offered at UVM can lead to gainful and meaningful employment and the connection between major choice and career is not always a direct one.  In survey after survey, employers tell us how much they value the transferable skills students gain both through coursework and through experiences outside the classroom. Our page on Choosing a Major offers some of the ways a student can begin exploring areas of academic interest.

Major choice is frequently not a one time event. A majority of students change majors at least once during their undergraduate years. If your student is considering changing majors, check out our Tips on Talking with Your Student about Major Change.

Student engagement/experience

Academics are an important foundation for career success, but career preparation is a multi-pronged process. Students must be engaged in practical experiences within and beyond the classroom in order to explore their interests and add to the skillsets gained through coursework. Here at UVM, there are many ways for students to develop their career-related skills:

A quick visit to the Career+Experience Hub is a great way to get started discovering what opportunities exist!


Developing significant relationships with University peers, faculty and staff, alums and employers will further support the career success of your student. The Career Center provides the resources and experiences necessary to facilitate these connections through:

Job search

An entry-level job search is a complex process that can take between 6-9 months. Internships, part-time jobs, temporary or seasonal positions also involve a great deal of time and energy. In your student’s self-guided process, the Career Center is able to offer guidance on the various components of their search, as outlined in our page on Start Your Job Search.

How can families get involved?

Success Facts and Figures

UVM graduates continue to flourish after graduation, in graduate and professional schools and in the workplace. Statistics from the Class of 2013, obtained one year out from graduation illustrate our graduates’ success:

  • 22% enrolled in graduate school
  • 90% employed full-time or continuing education
  • 53% of medical school applicants admitted (national rate: 43%)
  • 87% of law school applicants admitted (national rate: 77%)

The Career Success Action Plan, involving as it does a broad range of university partners, makes this an exciting time to be thinking about career preparation at UVM.  Encourage your student to take advantage of the resources related to this initiative to carve out their own path to career success!

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