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Interested in pursuing a career in education?

Here are a few key resources:

Curious about what you might do with a career in education, and what skills you'll gain from each major in education? See our booklet for a description of each major in the College of Education and potential careers. You might be surprised!

Education Career Advising

Advising for careers in Education is coordinated by a career counselor who is a specialist in careers and job searching in Education.  This person, in addition to your academic advisor, is here as a resource for you.  Make an appointment with this counselor to discuss your options.

Choice of major

Does UVM have education majors? Yes. For a list of academic programs in the College of Education and Social Services, visit this website.

Should I major in the field I'd like to teach? If you are certain that you want to teach after graduating from college, it probably makes the most sense to major in education since completing one of those major/degree programs will allow you to apply for your teaching license.  In addition to completing your education major, you will complete a subject area major.  You will also need to decide the level you'd like to teach - elementary, middle or secondary level.

What if I've already graduated in a non-education major? You have a few different options to explore.  One option would be to pursue a Master's degree in teaching.  Many of these programs are accelerated year long programs and are designed to teach you how to teach.  It is usually expected that you majored in or have taken a requisite number of classes in the content/subject you plan to teach.  Another option would be to explore Teaching Fellowship programs which are generally competitive two year programs through which you will teach in under resourced schools and earn your teaching license.  There are often options to pursue graduate degrees through such fellowship programs.  Another option would be to explore teaching at a private or independent school.  Many private or independent schools do not require you to hold a teaching license. 

Preparing for a Career in Education

Want a teaching job, but aren't sure where to start? See our action plan for finding a teaching job.

You might also consider non-profit fellowships in education or Teaching Fellowships.

Resources and Next Steps

Download our Educator Resource Handbook for resume and cover letter samples, websites to help you search, links for information on obtaining licensure, and more.

See our sample resumes and resume-writing tips, including sample teaching resumes.

Curious about cover letters? See our sample teaching cover letters.

Education Job Search Links

School and School District Locators

Find information about individual K-12 schools or school districts in the United States at the following resources (including public, private and boarding schools).

Government Educational Agencies

The following web sites include state and federal Departments of Education and information on teacher certification across states.

Education Web pages Including Employment Listings

These web sites include K-12 education job search databases and other resources for teachers.

Independent/Private Schools

Learn more about independent and private schools in the United States and beyond by visiting some of these web sites.

Teaching Internationally

The web sites listed here offer more information about teaching abroad, including job listings and other important resources.

General Job Search Sites

Additional resources to aid in your teaching job search.

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