University of Vermont


Mission Statement

The Career & Experience Peer Mentor (CEP Mentors) program is tied to the Career Center and the Hub where sophomores, juniors and seniors are selected for a leadership role to promote the mission of the Career Center and the Hub while actively assisting students with their career aspirations and experiential learning goals.

Positions & Job Responsibilities

Career Peer Mentor

  • Facilitate regular and requested workshops on general career topics.
  • Assist with Drop-Ins by working with students 1:1 and to serve as a peer mentor with the career development process.
  • Perform resume reviews either within 1:1 consultations or through our online job/internship database, Catamount Job Link.
  • Promote student engagement with the 4 Year Plan for Career Success, large and small career events.
  • Assist with tabling, large and small events throughout the academic year.
  • Outreach to student groups and clubs to develop partnership and collaborations.

Hub Peer Mentor

  • Perform resume reviews either within 1:1 consultations or through our online job/internship database, Catamount Job Link.
  • Serve as the front line to welcome visitors in the Career + Experience Hub using a professional triage process.
  • Trained to answer general questions from students or visitors regarding experiential learning opportunities (research, fellowship, on-campus jobs: WS or Non-WS, service learning, study abroad, etc.).
  • Assist with Hub events throughout the academic year.
  • Refer students to the appropriate resource based on in-take and the need of the student, including the 4 Year Plan for Career Success.

Social Media/Marketing

  • Knowledgeable about marketing strategies including social media and print.
  • Identify and manage marketing efforts for the Hub’s daily & weekly events through LCD screens, tabling, posters, and social media.
  • Work with UVM accounts to “take over” the UVM SnapChat account.
  • Collaborate with Hub partners to create a marketing calendar for each semester.
  • Maintain communication between the Hub and the UVM community via social media.
  • Photograph and create short Instagram stories during the daily activities and post on social media outlets.


  • Complete designated weekly office hours.
  • Log all work hours on a weekly basis.
  • Contact Danielle if you will be out sick or for personal reasons.
  • Attend student staff meetings throughout the year.
  • Work only on tasks associated with your position; no homework will be allowed during work hours.
  • Be observant of the needs of the space, students, etc. and take initiative on tasks that need to be tended to.
  • Work throughout the academic year.
  • Serve on a hard-working team of colleagues and peers in a diverse work environment.

Learning Outcomes

  • Build mentoring skills.
  • Acquire a better understanding of the meaning of professionalism.
  • Build communication skills through the triage process, Drop-Ins, presentations & formal communications with partners and student groups.
  • Develop various transferable skills (the skills vary depending on your role).
  • Define, develop and grow your own career goals as you move through your college experience

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