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CAS Music Major


Alumni with a degree in Music pursue a wide variety of careers, both directly and indirectly related to their course of study. This is a representative sample of job titles from recent UVM alumni who majored in Music.

Job Title

Career Industry

Attorney Law
Production Assistant Preforming Arts
Product Engineer Technology
Broker Real Estate
Vocalist/Preforming Artist Radio/Television
Symphony Orchestra Musician Music
Composer Film
Vice President of Operations Manufacturing
Music Teacher Secondary Education
Unit Director Business
Interpreter Healthcare
Grants Officer Higher Education
Music Director Religious Non-profit

Recent Employers

Monsanto Xerox
Biogen Idec, Inc West Scarborough United Methodist Church
Walsh Electric Supply, Inc. Café Terra Cotta
Sheraton Washington Preforming Arts Society
Burton Corporation University of California, Davis
Phillips Medical Center Century 21 Real Estate
Imagepath Communications, Inc. Phoenix Beverages, Inc.
Vermont Symphony Orchestra

Transferable Skills

In addition to the specialized material you study in your major, you will also gain useful transferable skills. Remember: it is essential to be able to articulate the skills you have gained.

Examples of transferable skills fostered while majoring in Music

Critical Thinking Skills

Leadership and Administration Skills

Communication Skills

Understanding of how culture influences and can be interpreted through music
Ability to define and solve problems

Flexibility and self determination
Good observational skills

Ability to convey ideas and emotions through music
Acute reading, writing, and editing skills

Research and Investigation Skills

Design and Planning Skills

Information Management Skills

Gather information about musical history and technology

Knowledge of what makes effective music and how to push boundaries

Organization of materials and equipment

Interpersonal Skills

Skills and Assessing Values

Specialized Skills

Ability to work in a group in order to captivate an audience

Understanding of the different sounds of music from various cultures and its significance in context

Singing and instrumental talent
Ability to use various sound equipment to produce desired results
Ability to read and write music


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