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Molecular Genetics

Alumni with degrees in Molecular Genetics pursue a wide variety of careers, both directly and indirectly related to their course of study. This is a representative sample of job titles from recent UVM alumni who majored in Molecular Genetics.

Job Title

Career Industry

Analyst Financial Services
Analyst Programmer Technology
Chief Operating Officer Business
Field Agent State Government
Genetic Counselor Genetics
Health Insurance Manager Insurance
Research Assistant Medical Research


Recent Employers

Blue Cross & Blue Shield Cell Signaling Technology
Explora Security Harvard Medical School
IP Capital Group National Cancer Institute


Transferable Skills

In addition to the specialized material you study in your major, you will also gain useful transferable skills. Remember: it is essential to be able to articulate the skills you have gained.

Examples of transferable skills fostered while majoring in Molecular Genetics:

Critical Thinking Skills

Leadership and Administration Skills

Communication Skills

Using imagination to pose challenging questions
Perceiving patterns and structures and applying them to practical problems

Lead a research team
Give and follow instructions
Attention to detail and adherence to deadlines
Works well under pressure

Ability to summarize and interpret complex information in a clear and simple way
Public speaking skills

Research and Investigation Skills

Design and Planning Skills

Information Management Skills

Conduct experiments
Gather and interpret data
Ability to operate scientific equipment properly

Developing research agendas to test and improve existing knowledge

Using computer technology to organize and maintain records, materials, and information

Interpersonal Skills

Skills and Assessing Values

Specialized Skills

Working with a group of colleagues to develop new solutions and improve old processes

Interact with diverse groups of people
Assess the needs of different communities and individuals

Investigate, at the molecular level, the chemical and biological principles that underlie all living processes


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