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CAS Geology Major


Alumni with a degree in Geology pursue a wide variety of careers, both directly and indirectly related to their course of study. This is a representative sample of job titles from recent UVM alumni who majored in Geology.

Job Title

Career Industry

Senior Nuclear Chemist Mining
Computer Consultant Consulting
Field Technician Higher Education
Geologist/Hydrologist Engineering
Attorney Law
Policy Director Insurance
Consulting Micro Paleontologist Geology
Regulator of Hazardous Waste State Government
Middle School Teacher Secondary Education
Head of Operations Travel and Tourism
Senior Project Manager Energy
Director of Government Relations Business
Policy Director Insurance
Bureau Chief Federal Government
Account Manager Financial Planning and Management
Psychoeducational Consultant Primary Educational
Musician Preforming Arts
Compliance Manager Banking, Commercial and Retail

Recent Employers

Smithsonian Environmental Research Center Mid-Atlantic Associates, Inc.
Shell Oil Company, Inc. Safeguard Environmental
Peace Corps Exelon Corporation
New Zealand Oil & Gas LTD Jacobs Engineering
IBM Corporation US Water Solutions
Hager-Richter Geoscience, Inc. Yankee Candles
LeapFrog Enterprises GeoQuest Reservoir Technologies
Trap Rock Oil Company

Transferable Skills

In addition to the specialized material you study in your major, you will also gain useful transferable skills. Remember: it is essential to be able to articulate the skills you have gained.

Examples of transferable skills fostered while majoring in Geography

Critical Thinking Skills

Leadership and Administration Skills

Communication Skills

See relationships among different factors
Apply concepts learned from specific examples to more broad problems

Prepare technical reports
Apply principles of chemistry, physics, and biology to solution of geological problems

Communicate conclusions to those around you orally and in writing

Research and Investigation Skills

Design and Planning Skills

Information Management Skills

Interpret data
Measurement, observation, and sketching of samples
Master field skills to collect data

Define problems and develop research projects
Design visual presentation of data

Collect, manipulate, and analyze data
Review scientific literature

Interpersonal Skills

Skills and Assessing Values

Specialized Skills

Teamwork skills
Acute observational skills

Apply concepts learned from specific examples to more broadly based problems

Professional mapping and reporting skills
Design computer simulations
Use models to predict Earth system responses to specific changes

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