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BSAD Business Analytics Major - Accounting Concentration

Business Administration Major - Business Analytics Concentration

The Grossman School of Business offers four concentrations within their undergraduate degree, Business Administration. Alumni who completed their concentration in Business Analytics pursue a wide variety of careers, both directly and indirectly related to their course of study. This is a representative sample of job titles from recent UVM alumni who majored in Business Administration with a concentration in Business Analytics.

Job Title

Career Industry

Analyst and Portfolio Manager Financial Services
Certified Public Accountant Financial Services
Compensation and Systems Analyst Healthcare Services
Corporate Sales Analyst Transportation
Customer Service Representative Business Support Services
Director of Business Development Publication and Journalism Services
Human Resources Director Food Systems
Implementation Consultant Healthcare Services
Information Technology Resident Technology & Data Services
Operations Administrator Healthcare Services
Product Director Business Support Services
Production Planner Publication & Journalism Services
Quality Assurance Manager Technology & Data Services
Systems Analyst Insurance
Yoga Instructor Health and Wellness

Recent Employers

Edible Arrangements Google, Inc.
HSBC IDX Systems Corporation
J.P. Morgan Chase & Company JetBlue Airways Corporation
Liberty Mutual Massachusetts Institute of Technology PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP
The University of Vermont Medical Center

Transferable Skills

In addition to the specialized material you study in your major, you will also gain useful transferable skills. Remember: it is essential to be able to articulate the skills you have gained.

Examples of transferable skills fostered while majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Business Analytics

Critical Thinking Skills

Leadership and Administration Skills

Communication Skills


Research and Investigation Skills

Design and Planning Skills

Information Management Skills

Interpersonal Skills

Skills and Assessing Values

Specialized Skills


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