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Using the 4 Year Plan For Career Success With Your Students

The 4 Year Plan for Career Success is part of an innovative university-wide initiative to help students develop and realize academic and career success, beginning in their first year at UVM. This detailed “roadmap” is a comprehensive tool that can be used to integrate career development into your work with students in the classroom and in advising. You will note that the Plan includes many of the high impact learning practices identified by AACU’s LEAP report, including experiential education and reflection, intentionally supporting academic engagement and success as well.

Check out the 4 Year Plan for Career Success. Navigate by college, then by year, and then click on "Start Your Plan" to see the Plan worksheets.

Strategies for Integrating the Plan

You may have begun to imagine strategies to integrate the 4 Year Plan for Career Success into your work with students. Some ideas:

  • Distribute a copy of the Plan to advisees at a first meeting and request updates at subsequent meetings
  • Develop related course assignments to promote starting and completing personalized action items (involving teaching assistants where appropriate)
  • Have students begin identifying goals on the Plan, conduct research and write papers on a proposed career path
  • Offer extra credit assignments related to starting the Plan, attending an alumni panel, or a career fair
  • Coordinate a group visit to the Career + Experience Hub for your students to learn from our Career Peer Mentors about the use of the Plan
  • Sponsor a panel of involved seniors from your department to discuss the learning/experiential activities they engaged in to build professional awareness and skills

Discussion Starters for the Conversations about the Plan

The Plan is useful in providing a structure for dialogue with students to explore their career-related decisions. Since you have been actively engaged in supporting student growth and development and have navigated your own career path, you will likely find these conversations natural. The Plan includes questions which provide opportunities for independent student reflection and act as a useful template for faculty, advisors and mentors to have productive conversations around career development. Some additional starting points might be:

  • Have you begun work on your 4 Year Plan for Career Success? If so, what have you learned?
  • What goals would you like to work on in the coming year for your career success?
  • How can I support your work on career success goals?
  • What resources will you need to achieve the Plan goals you’ve created for this year?
  • When do you plan to accomplish these various goals?
  • What have you learned by reflecting on your action items?

Consultation and Additional Support

Career Center staff members are available to you for consultation on incorporating this into your coursework or advising. We also hope that you will continue to refer students to the Career + Experience Hub in the Davis Center for quick questions about next steps or to the Career Center in Living and Learning E for longer appointments. We welcome conversations about any plans to refer large groups to our resources so we can prepare appropriately.

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