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Profile: Emily Lester

Emily Lester

Why did you choose UVM?
  • I fell in love with UVM the minute I walked onto the campus. I fell in love with Burlington and Church St. It is a perfect mix of urban and rural University. I am very connected with the environment and UVM provides this lifestyle to me in many aspects. Being surrounded by mountains sets UVM with a great vibe.

Favorite aspect of CALS:
  • I love the way of teaching CALS provides to the students, it is an intimate learning experience. Our professors unlike other schools get to know us on a personal level.

What would you like to do after you graduate?
  • I want to go into the event planning industry. My goal is to own an event planning/PR company.

Favorite Class at UVM:

  • CDAE 002- World Food, Population, and Sustainable Community Development. Professor Dan Baker is the best!
  • CDAE 14- Visual Design Studio
  • CDAE 15- Visual Communication

Favorite outside of the classroom experience relating to CALS:
  • Volunteering opportunities that are unique, fun and helps the community.

Extracurricular Activities:
  • CALS Reps, Ski and Snowboard Club

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