CALS 183 Communication Methods Lecture Eleven Outline, Tuesday April 5, Thursday April 6

CALS 183: Students go to one lecture and one lab per week
Lecture A (CRN 11516) Tuesdays 2:50-4:05pm Flemming 101
Lecture B (CRN 91368) Thursdays 2:50-4:05pm Lafayette 108


Attendance speech: 30 seconds: Your name, A goal I have is to .....

Assignments & Announcements:
  1. Practice, Prepare your Choice Presentation.
  2. Bring Flash Drive (2+ Gigs) to lab when you present.
  3. Check Syllabus speaking schedule for when you are presenting and your lab role.
  4. MID-TERM exam NEXT week.

Tips From TAs:

  1. Follow the Critique Sheets

Finish Formal Introductions

View:  Jill Bolte Tailor's TED Talk My Stroke of Insight