CALS 183 Lab 3 notes Wednesday 28 January 2015

Prepare for Dramatic Reading labs Monday Feb 2 - Friday Feb 6.

How's everything going?   Questions? 




Tell student the Dramatic Reading and Informational Presentation Schedule is on the Syllabus "Speech date and lab roles" link on syllabus (CALS 183).

Updated Rosters - compare with Blackboard - email Dr. L any changes.

Email your students via Blackboard - who's schedule to speak next week.

Informational Presentation Critique Sheets.

Week of February 16 (Mon) - 20 (Fri) NO LABS - Presidents' day on Monday.

Week of March 2 (Mon) - 6 (Fri) NO LABS - Spring Break.

Week of Feb 29 or March 9, please set aside time (30 minutes minimum) for Group Presentation teams to meet together.  Please adjust the online speaking schedules.

Facsimilies of Reflection Folders - go over.


BEFORE your next LAB:

-Get updated list of your students and lab materials (name tents pens, handouts) from Dr. L

-Update the Speaking and Lab Roles Schedules for the semester: generally 10-11 speakers per lab and Post on web.

-Use SAME FILENAME when updating the speaking and lab roles schedule - over write the old files.

-Use Grading Templates from syllabi - use whole numbers.
-Update the names on the grading template if roster is different! 
-Check roster student list with Blackboard lab student list - email Dr. L with any changes needed

-Email your students (Blackboard) who will be giving a dramatic reading the week of Feb 3-7 and remind them to be prepared.

-Let Dr. L know if students can't log into Blackboard, or if they are in the wrong lab discussion section.  Dr. L needs to know the lab they were in (ex. CALS 183 L01) and the lab they are in now (CALS 183 L02) to do the switch.


Bring to lab:

-Graded Dramatic Reading sheets to hand back.

-Your laptop!

-Cameras from BH-Library Media center.  Go about 15 minutes early to get Camera pack (flip camera, battery pack, two AA backups, charger)  bring your UVM ID when you pick up the camera from the Media Center in BH Library.

-Names Tents and materials for new ones: cards, pens

-Dramatic Reading Critique Sheets and pencil with eraser

-Timing Sheets

-Something to keep time.

-"Master of Ceremonies Checklist"

-"hat" with all students names on slips of paper

-Lab Roles sheet with who is doing what when (view or print from web)

-Speech schedule sheets of who is speaking when (view or print from web) and lab roles

-Attendance sheet for attendance taker
-Student "Critique of Presentation" Templates (one per student)


Go to lab early:
-Leave enough time to get cameras, & set up laptop, name tents, critique sheets, checklists, etc.


The Lab itself:


Hand out Student Name Tents, make new ones if necessary.

Hand Back Graded Dramatic Reading Critique Forms.


Display and go over Speaking Schedule and Lab Roles Schedule (use document camera or computer projected) READ NAMES OUTLOUD of who is speaking and who has what lab role.  Have students check to make sure they do not have a lab role when they are scheduled to speak, and that they are not speaking two weeks in a row.


Hand out Student Critique templates.  Students don’t write on these, they use them as templates for the sheets they write on.

DRAMATIC READINGS: Student critiques go to TAs.
INFORMATIONAL PRESENTATIONS: Student critiques go to students (for reflection paper)

-Have Master of Ceremonies write the speakers on the board, along with their reading choice, and choose first speaker from the “hat” or ask "Who would like to go first?".
-Go over the Master of Ceremonies tasks with them (make sure timer ready, introduce each speaker, facilitate questions at the end, have speaker
choose next person from hat or ask who would like to go next, wait until all critique forms are back to speaker
before introducing next speaker).

-Give Timer the timing sheets.

-Give Attendance taker the attendance sheet & have them take attendance.

-Make sure the critique forms manager is ready and knows what to do.

-Make sure the camera operators are ready.

-Make sure the students' have given their flash drive to the TA with the laptop.


Critique the dramatic readings (TAs should sit apart from each other and use pencil).


Try out the Flip Cameras:  Instructions

When first speaker is finished, camera goes to LA/TA with laptop.  TA transfers and names the file (JaneSmith14SeptDramaticReading) from the camera to the laptop.  Copy the file from the laptop to the students' flash drive, safely eject the flash drive and give it to the student. Using the computer - Erase the video from the camera before recording another presentation.


Remind students who are speaking next week, and who is doing what lab role next week. 


Collect name tents.


After lab:

-Erase any files from Camera

-Immediately Return Camera Pack to BH Library,  Have them RECHARGE the battery pack!

-Meet with lab partner and reach consensus on the grade for each dramatic reading. 

-Erase videos from your laptop when done with them - you can show questionable/great/bad ones to Dr. L.

-Record attendance (DATE of absences) and grades on excel template and save it in at least three different places.

-Email your students who will be giving a dramatic reading the following week  to remind them to be prepared.

-Update the Speaking Schedule  and Roles for the semester. 

-Read examples of Poor/Good/Excellent Reflection Papers, and Excellent Outside Speech Critique:  in a couple weeks we will be grading these.

CRITIQUE:  (use Informational Critique Sheets - 7-9 minutes target time)

"Tsunami" presentation

"Best Way to Eat" presentation

Visit: Colleen, Emelie, & Torey's lab next week: Weds 2-4pm