Lecture Nine CALS 183  Communication Methods, Lecture Outline
Week of Oct 21-25, 2013.

CALS 183 Lecture A (CRN 90152) Tuesdays 1:00-2:15pm L/L Commons 315     
CALS 183 Lecture B (CRN 91497) Thursdays 1:00-2:15pm L/L Commons 315     

Other Lecture options (CALS 001):
Lecture A (CRN 90137) Mondays 1:55 - 2:45pm 001 Kalkin
Lecture B (CRN 90138) Wednesdays 1:55 - 2:45pm 001 Kalkin
Lecture C (CRN 92994) Fridays 1:55 - 2:45pm 004 Kalkin
Lecture D (CRN 92995) Tuesdays 2:30-3:45pm 314 Dewey     

Please put away all electronic devices (laptops, smart phones, iPods, etc.) and take out a something to write with and paper.


Attendance speech: "Your Name, My most frightening experience was _______"

Assignments & Announcements:

  1. Practice your Persuasive presentation.
  2. Bring Flash Drive (2+ Gigs) to lab when you present (Persuasive / Choice).
  3. Check Syllabus speaking schedule for when you are presenting and your lab role.
  4. Outside Speech Critique assignmentUVM Calendar of Lecture Events.  Due in THIS WEEK IN LAB!  If late -10% the first week, -20% the next week, No credit - zero, after.
  5. Mid-Term Exam November 4, 6.  
Tips From TAs:

   1. Follow the Critique Sheets!
   2. Proof Read Reflection Papers
   3. Persuasive Presentation AUDIENCE ACTION needs to be clear "After my presentation you will (insert action here)"
   4. Credibility needs to be solid for Persuasive Presentations
   5. Check the Syllabus for everything you need to have in the Reflection folders
   6. Pause for Effect must be obvious (3 seconds of silence!).


Prepare for the Formal Introduction in Lecture.  See Syllabus, Number 1.  We will begin NEXT WEEK - be ready, Dr. L will call students at random.  If called and student is unexcused absent: zero.

Choice Presentation, See Syllabus, Number 8.

View & Critique: Jill Bolte Taylor's My Stroke of Insight

View & Critique:  Dan Pink's Motivation TED Talk