Lecture Nine CALS 001/183 Foundations: Communication Methods, Lecture Outline
Week of Nov 7 - 11, 2016.

CALS 001: Students go to one lecture and one lab per week
Lecture A (CRN 90118) Mondays 1:10 - 2:00pm 102 Aiken
Lecture B (CRN 90119) Wednesdays 1:10 - 2:00pm 102 Aiken
Lecture C (CRN 91947) Fridays 1:10 - 2:00pm 102 Aiken
Lecture D (CRN 91948) Tuesdays 1:15-2:30pm 315 L/L Cm
Lecture E (CRN 94217) Mondays 2:20-3:10pm Dewey 314

CALS 183: Students go to one lecture and one lab per week
Lecture A (CRN 90133) Tuesdays 2:50-4:05pm L/L Commons 315
Lecture B (CRN 91232) Thursdays 1:15-2:30pm L/L Commons 315                   Lab Schedule

Please put away all electronic devices (laptops, smart phones, Ipods, etc.) and take out something to write with and paper.


Assignments & Announcements:
  1. TEST next week!
  2. Practice your choice presentations in front of others and get feedback.
  3. Check Syllabus (CALS 001, CALS 183) speaking schedule for when you are presenting and your lab role.
  4. CALS 001 students, visit with your academic advisor and have them sign the Advisor Meeting Form, and Join a club or organization.  Last day to earn credit Fri Dec 9, 5pm
  5. When lab is finished, reflection folders are to be put in Dr. L's IN box, just outside 208 D Morrill Hall (3rd floor).

Finish Formal Introductions

TED Talk: The Secrets of Great Public Speaking, Chris Anderson TED Orginator.

TED Talk: My Stroke of Insight, Jill Bolte Taylor.  The power of a personal story.

Attendance speech: Your Name, I've always wanted to ____________"