CALS 001&183 Lab 6 notes Thursday 8 October, 2015

Prepare for Group Critical Analysis Presentation labs Monday Oct 12 - Friday Oct 16.

How's everything going?   Questions?  Issues?


MID-TERM WARNING: Any student who currently is at a C or lower - please send name and a summary of their grades and attendance to Dr. L


Please Update Speaking and Lab Role schedules!

Next week most labs finishing any straggler Informational Presentations, Have Groups meet for 30 minutes and:
-Exchange Contact information of all group members
-Decide on a controversial topic
-Decide who will find the articles, and who will be moderator, and who will do what analysis
-Decide on when to practice
Some labs who have done this already may give their students the option of beginning Group Presentations next week.


    -Critique Sheets for Groups
    -Self and Group Evaluations Sheets

View and critique:  Harry Potter

Discuss Persuasive Presentations  


BEFORE your next LAB:

-Update the Speaking and Lab Roles Schedules for the semester if necessary. Use SAME FILENAME over write the old files.

-Email your students (Blackboard) who will be delivering their Informational Presentation the week of Oct 7-11 and remind them to be prepared.

-Check your lab Forum discussions on Blackboard.  Answer students so they know you are reading their entries.


Bring to lab:

-Your laptop!

-Cameras from BH-Library Media center.  

-Informational & Group Presentation Critique Sheets, and pencil with eraser.

-Name Tents (you may dispense with these once you know everyone).

-Timing Sheets.

-"Master of Ceremonies Checklist"

-"hat" with all students names on slips of paper

-Lab Roles sheet with who is doing what when (view or print from web)

-Speech schedule sheets of who is speaking when (view or print from web)

-Attendance sheet for attendance taker
-Student "Critique of Presentation" Templates (one per student)

-Facsimile of the "Reflection Paper Folder"

-Graded Informational Presentations

-Peer Evaluation sheets (one for each student to evaluate their group members)

Go to lab early:
-Leave enough time to get cameras, & set up laptop, name tents, critique sheets, checklists, etc.


The Lab itself:


Return Graded informational Presentations and Folders

Display and go over Speaking Schedule and Lab Roles Schedule. 

INFORMATIONAL PRESENTATIONS: Student critiques go to students (for reflection paper).
GROUP PRESENTATIONS: Student critiques go to the TAs.

Finish Critiquing any Informational Presentations.

GROUP PRESENTATIONS: use different symbols for each person.  Have everyone fill out a Peer Evaluation Sheet for their group.


Remind students who are speaking next week, and who is doing what lab role next week. 


After lab:

-Erase any files from Camera

-Immediately Return Camera Pack to BH Library,  Have them RECHARGE the battery pack!

-Meet with lab partner and reach consensus on the grade for each presentation. 

-Erase videos from your laptop when done with them - you can show questionable/great/bad ones to Dr. L.

-Record attendance (DATE of absences) and grades on excel template and save it in at least three different places.

-Email your students who will be giving a dramatic reading the following week  to remind them to be prepared.

-Update the Speaking Schedule and Roles for the semester. 

-Read examples of Poor/Good/Excellent Reflection Papers, and Excellent Outside Speech Critique: