CALS 001&183 Lab 5 notes Thursday 26 September, 2013

Prepare for Informational Presentation labs Monday Sept 30 - Friday Oct 4.

How's everything going?   Questions? 

Reminder: Student Critiques go to Presenter (so they can put them in the reflection folder)

Take Reflection Folder Checklists

MID-TERM WARNING START NOW: Any student who currently is at a C or lower - please send name and status to Dr. L


ASSIGN GROUPS!  - 4 to 5 students per group - Balance Gender & Speaker Strengths!  Upload updated speaking schedules!

A Group Presentations Begin Soon!  Review Syllabus 001  183:  GIVE YOUR STUDENTS A CHANCE TO FORM INTO GROUPS AND :
-Exchange Contact info
-Decide on a topic for group presentation

-Decide who will do what

-Decide when practice

View & Critique:  Raw Milk,   Harry Potter


BEFORE your next LAB:

-Update the Speaking and Lab Roles Schedules for the semester if necessary. Use SAME FILENAME over write the old files.

-Email your students (Blackboard) who will be delivering their Informational Presentation the week of Sept 30 - Oct 4 and remind them to be prepared.

-Check your lab Forum discussions on Blackboard.  Answer students so they know you are reading their entries.


Bring to lab:

-Your laptop!

-Cameras from BH-Library Media center.  

-Informational Presentation Critique Sheets, and pencil with eraser.

-Name Tents (you may dispense with these once you know everyone).

-Timing Sheets.

-"Master of Ceremonies Checklist"

-"hat" with all students names on slips of paper

-Lab Roles sheet with who is doing what when (view or print from web)

-Speech schedule sheets of who is speaking when (view or print from web)

-Attendance sheet for attendance taker
-Student "Critique of Presentation" Templates (one per student)

-Facsimile of the "Reflection Paper Folder"

-Graded Dramatic Readings/Informational Presentations

Go to lab early:
-Leave enough time to get cameras, & set up laptop, name tents, critique sheets, checklists, etc.


The Lab itself:


Return Graded Dramatic Readings

Display and go over Speaking Schedule and Lab Roles Schedule. 

Pass around the reflection paper folder.  REMIND STUDENTS folder due WEEK AFTER they present (if late -10% the first week, -20% the second week, NO CREDIT after).


Hand out Student Critique templates.  

INFORMATIONAL PRESENTATIONS: Student critiques go to students (for reflection paper).


Finish Critiquing any dramatic readings.

Critique Informational Presentations.


Remind students who are speaking next week, and who is doing what lab role next week. 


After lab:

-Erase any files from Camera

-Immediately Return Camera Pack to BH Library,  Have them RECHARGE the battery pack!

-Meet with lab partner and reach consensus on the grade for each presentation. 

-Erase videos from your laptop when done with them - you can show questionable/great/bad ones to Dr. L.

-Record attendance (DATE of absences) and grades on excel template and save it in at least three different places.

-Email your students who will be giving a dramatic reading the following week  to remind them to be prepared.

-Update the Speaking Schedule and Roles for the semester. 

-Read examples of Poor/Good/Excellent Reflection Papers, and Excellent Outside Speech Critique: