CALS 001&183 Lab 10 notes Thursday 7 November, 2013

Choice Presentations labs .

Thomas Desisto: TAs needed for Spring CALS 002/85 (and for fall 2014!)

How's everything going?   Questions?  Issues?

MID-TERM WARNING: Any student who currently is at a C or lower - please send name and status to Dr. L


How are we doing with labs finishing?  How many more labs do we have?

Those who missed a presentation, should we give them a chance to earn partial credit by presenting late (50%?) and still do a reflection paper?

FUTURE TA Handout  - please complete now.

Deadline for students to submit evidence of joining a club and two visits with their advisor: Last day of classes, Dec 4 Wednesday 5pm.

Deadline for you to send your spreadsheet lab gradess to Dr. L as email attachment:
    Friday Dec 6 Noon.
Go over Excel Grading sheet again  CALS 001, 183

TAs for next spring CALS 183, TA class next spring is CALS 195 Teaching Assistant-Pub.Speaking 14399 that Meets Thursdays 4-5 in Morrill 10.

Do we need to meet next week (Thurs Nov 14) ?