CALS 125 Communication Methods, Teaching Assistant Development

You have been recommended to be a Teaching Assistant for the Fall CALS 001 and CALS 183 classes.  We are seeking 36 upper-class students in CALS who are interested in co-teaching a lab section that includes oral and written communication skills, and public speaking.  The students will be first-year CALS students (CALS 001), and students who have transferred into CALS (sophomores through Seniors for CALS 183).

This is a sample of what previous Teaching Assistants have said about their students and their experience as TAs:

TA Responsibilities:

TA's are responsible for co-teaching a 20-student lab section of CALS students that meets once a week.  Each lab section will have two co-TA's.  Lab sections are listed here.  In addition, TA's are required to enroll in CALS 125, a 3-credit TA Leadership Development seminar that meets in two sections on Thursdays from 5:30-7:00pm.  It is in these Thursday night classes that we will go over what needs to be accomplished in lab the following week.

TA Expectations:

TA's are given a lot of responsibility.  Helping First-year students adjust to college life, and teaching, are not easy jobs.  TA's help to facilitate the intellectual and social growth of their First-Year students as well as teach the oral and written communication skills, and information technology skills, that will help them succeed at UVM and beyond.  This is done by creating a safe and open environment for discussion of intellectual and (sometimes) personal and sensitive issues as well leading students through examples of assignments that they must complete.  Perhaps, most importantly, you, as a Foundations TA, will be viewed as a mentor and role model by your First-Year students.

Our responsibility is to prepare you for this challenge.  We do this through meeting every week on Thursday evening to go over the following week's lab material, and to resolve problems and issues in each group.

TA Qualities:

These are the qualities that we expect a TA to possess:

We are beginning to fill in the Fall 2013 lab schedule with TA's who have committed to this class.  Please contact Jonathan Leonard ( , 656-2979) to let me know whether or not your are interested in being a TA and for scheduling a lab section.  Thanks!