Dear CALS Students,

The deadline for withdrawing from courses is mid-afternoon on Monday November 1

 To decide whether to withdraw from a course or not you should consider the following points:

 -Withdrawing from one or more courses will not affect your status as a full time student for the rest of this semester.  You will still be considered a full time student if, because of withdrawing, your course load goes below 12 credits.

 -If you withdraw from a class a W appears on your transcript and that course is no longer part of your GPA calculation.

 -If you have financial aid, withdrawing from a single course will most likely not affect your financial aid, however you should check with the Student Financial Services Office, 233 Waterman Building:

 -If, however, you had enrolled in five three-credit courses (15 credits total), and you decided to withdraw from FOUR of these courses, you would still be considered a full time student for this semester and your financial aid would not be affected right away.  However, the funding agency will probably take notice that you withdrew from four courses and your financial aid may be reduced or taken away for future semesters.  And, you would almost certainly have to take an additional semester’s worth of courses to make up the four that you withdrew from.

 -Good reasons for withdrawing would include situations beyond your control that prevent you from attending or doing well in a course (Medical issues, death in your family, etc).

 -It is generally a good idea to talk to your professor(s) and your academic advisor to see how you are doing in a course before deciding to withdraw. 

The form for withdrawing is available here:

The CALS Student Services Office (second floor Morrill Hall) can help with form signatures and advice.  Please contact Rose Laba (, 802-656-0289)