CALS 001&183 Lab 12 outline Thursday 2 December, 2010, 5:30-6:45pm 010 Morrill

For last Labs Monday Dec 6 - Thursday Dec 9 (classes end)!

Announcements / Reminders / New stuff:

How's everything going?   How were labs?  Issues?  

Please send me (link or UVM File Transfer) examples of Good Choice presentations!

The main goal now is to finish all remaining choice speeches, and grade reflection folders.  Use the Excel Spreadsheet template and save in at least three separate places (hard drive, zoo, thumb drive) and make sure your co-TA has copies as well.  GOOD RECORDS ARE CRITICAL!

For CALS 001 students:
   -Last day to Post to Blackboard: Thurs Dec 9th, 4pm (should have 14 or more postings).
   -Last day to hand in Advisor Meeting sheets and Evidence of Club or UVM community membership: Thurs Dec 9th, 4pm.
   -Last day to hand in evidence of club or UVM organization: Thur Dec 9th, 4pm.

REFLECTION FOLDERS: students may drop in my "IN" box, just outside my office door (208H Morrill), and TAs may drop off already graded reflection folders in my "OUT" box also just outside my office door.  Please check the "IN" box regularly for your student reflection folders.

FINAL GRADES:  I need your final lab grades emailed to me as the Excel spreadsheet attachment, by Wednesday Dec 15, 4pm.

Once your final grades are emailed, you may pick up a copy of your lab's TA evaluations.