Transfer Students

images from campus Every year many highly qualified students transfer to the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS). They come for many reasons, including our exceptional range of academic programs and our renowned faculty. They also come because of our positive attitude toward transfer students. Transferring from one school to another can be challenging. That’s why we work hard to make transferring to CALS as smooth a process as possible to help qualified students obtain the superior education they deserve.

How Do I Transfer Into CALS from…

...another Academic Institution?

Complete the UVM transfer application. If you are accepted to the University, Transfer Affairs in the Registrar’s Office will review your academic transcript to determine how your previous coursework might fulfill core competencies and requirements of the current major. You will be assigned an academic advisor for your program of study who will work closely with you to determine the additional coursework needed to complete the major.

...another College or School at UVM?

The minimum grade requirement for changing majors and Colleges at UVM is a 2.00 GPA. If you are thinking of changing majors, contact a department staff person of that major to make an appointment with a faculty member to discuss the program further. Find out, before you do all of the paperwork, what the career opportunities and requirements are for that major. Certain departments in CALS require an application to transfer. Animal Science (ASCI) and Nutrition and Food Sciences (NFS) want to see proficiency in the sciences before accepting new students into their program. More specifically ASCI would like a prospective transfer student to have taken ASCI 001 and Chemistry 023 or 031. NFS would like their prospective transfer students to have taken NFS 043 and Chemistry 023. Proficiency is considered to be a grade of C or better in a class. Once accepted, a change of College and major form must be filled out by going to the student forms at the Register's Office website.

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