The Landscape Ecology, Agriculture, and Food Program (LEAF) brings together 14 first-years students from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) to form an active learning community. LEAF is one of four nested programs for first year students within the GreenHouse Residential Learning Community (GH-RLC). GreenHouse is situated within the University Heights South complex, a LEED-certified residence hall on athletic campus, where students interact with others sharing common interests in sustainability and environment. GreenHouse serves as a hub for LEAF students to explore UVM, Burlington, and surrounding Vermont landscapes and communities through experiential and hands-on measures. In such a way, LEAF students living in GreenHouse explore current issues that are key to the future of Vermont, the nation, and the globe.

As part of GreenHouse, LEAF students will participate in all the activities that members of the larger community enjoy. These activities include:

In addition, LEAF students enroll in CALS 95, a one-credit spring course designed to provide students the opportunity to collaborate with a small group of their peers, while capitalizing on the diverse range of interests and disciplines included within CALS. If you see yourself as an active player in creating a sustainable future, through cultivating and expanding your interests and skills, you are encouraged to apply to be a member of the CALS-LEAF community.

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Here are some photos of students in the LEAF Program: