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CALS Grad. Named Transportation Research Center Student of the Year

Jonathan Maddison
Jonathan Maddison '09, of Ithaca, NY, was recognized for his novel research on transportation issues.

The University of Vermont Transportation Research Center (TRC) recently named Jonathan Maddison its 2011 Student of the Year.  Working with his advisor, assistant professor Richard Watts, Maddison conducted novel research that applies political science and media theories to understand how transportation issues are framed in the national news media. Maddison is the lead author of two published journal articles ("Source Diversity in News Media Coverage of Motor Vehicle Emissions 2000-2008" and "The Technology Fix as a Frame in Media Debates about Tailpipe Emissions"). Maddison’s research focuses broadly on the social construction of knowledge around transportation policy issues.

“The TRC gave my advisor and me the support to study transportation from an alternative perspective; it's not every day that transportation researchers study the social construction of transportation policy,” Maddison says.

Maddison pursued a masters in public administration in UVM's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) in September 2009 after graduating with bachelor’s degree from CALS' majoring in community and international development. During his studies, Maddison worked as research assistant at the Transportation Research Center.

“The TRC provided an engaging interdisciplinary environment in which I regularly gained insight and ideas from staff researchers, affiliated professors, invited guests and students with a diversity of perspectives,” says Maddison. In addition to this work, he independently partnered with the American Pain Foundation on a policy project to study traffic safety and the use of pain medications. That study focused on obstacles and solutions for drivers requiring medication due to severe pain.

Maddison iives in Ithaca, New York, where he conducts research as in indpendent consultant and works part-time for Americorp and the American Red Cross helping communities become more prepared for disasters.

The UVM Transportation Research Center is a hub for interdisciplinary research, education and outreach on sustainable transportation system solutions. Since its founding in 2006, the TRC has received more than $6.5 million in new external grants and funded 75 graduates students totaling $28,000.

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