Chronological Table Showing Major Military and Civil Events 509-240 BCE



509 Treaty with Carthage
506 Battle of Aricia
504 Sabine Attius Clausus moved to Rome
496 Battle at Lake Regillus
494 First secession of Plebs (Aventine or Mons Sacer)
493 Foedus Cassianum with Latins
491 Coriolanus & Volscian Attius Tullius attack Rome
486 Rome and Latins make treaty with Hernici
485 Sp. Cassius tried and killed
484 Romans drive Aequi out of Tusculum
479 Roman victory vs. Fidenae
471 Lex Publilia (Concilium Plebis Tributum)
467 Latin colony founded at Antium
460 Cincinnatus saves Roman army on Mt. Algidus
451-450 Twelve Tables
449 Second Secession of the Plebs, Valerio-Horatian Laws
445 Oscans take over Capua 445 Lex Canuleia (intermarriage)
444-367 22 years of consuls; military tribunes otherwise
443 First censors (patrician)
442 Latin colony founded at Ardea
440-439 Sp. Maelius killed by C. Servilius Ahala
431 Romans defeat Aequi
428 Oscans take over Cumae (but not Neapolis)
426-5 Rome captures Fidenae from Etruscans
421 Quaestors (now 4) can be plebeian
418 Latin colony founded at Labici
405-396 Siege of Veii by 396 Pay for military rank and file
390 Gauls sack Rome
385 M. Manlius Capitolinus tried and killed
367 Licinio-Sextian laws
358 New treaty with Latins: Rome predominant
356 First plebeian dictator C. Marcius Rutilus
354 Roman-Samnite treaty: respect other's allies
351 Roman treaty with southern Etruscans (? 40 years) 351 First plebeian censor C. Marcius Rutilus
348 New treaty with Carthage
343-341 First Samnite war [traditionally] 342 Leges Genuciae
340-338 Latin War
339 Legislation of plebeian dictator Q. Publilius Philo
334 Roman neutrality pact with Alexander of Epirus
327-326 Rome aids Neapolis
326-304 Second Samnite war 326 Lex Poetelia (vs. nexum); first prorogation (Philo at Neapolis)
312 Appius Claudius censor
311-308 Etruscans attack Rome, are defeated
307 Second prorogation act of senate alone
304 Ius civile Flavianum (legis actiones)
300 Lex Ogulnia (pontiffs and augurs)
298-290 Third Samnite war
295 Battle of Sentinum (self-sacrifice of P. Decius Mus)
290 Samnites receive civitas sine suffragio
287 Lex Hortensia: Plebiscita binding on all
284 Romans drive away Senones, colony at Sena Gallica
283 Boii and some Etruscan cities defeated by Rome
282 Boii attack, defeated
280 Etruscan Volsinii and Vulci join Roman federation
280-275 Pyrrhic War
279 Pyrrhic victory near Asculum
275 Pyrrhus vs. Rome at Beneventum; Pyrrhus gives up
273 Ptolemy II Philadephus sends embassy to Rome
273 Latin colony founded at Cosa
272 Siege and capture of Tarentum (Livius Andronicus)
268 Sabines become full citizens 268 Roman coinage introduced
268 Victories over Sarsina in Umbria and Picentes
268 Latin colony founded at Ariminum
267-266 Allegiance from Apulia, Messapia
264 Latin colony founded at Castrum Novum
264-241 First Punic War
246 Latin colony founded at Brundisium
240 First plays of Livius Andronicus

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