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  Members of 2012 
In addition to the qualities of scholarship, leadership and service that define all Boulder Society members, we would also like to be known by these words: the Boulder Class of 2012 will be involved, diverse, humble, full of school spirit, inspirational, inclusive and fun. We also want to emphasize our commitment to representing the undergraduate student body, a mission upon which the Boulder Society was founded.

  E. Nyiko Beguin(President)
Major/Minor: Finance/Studio Art
Hometown: Hancock, NH
Hobbies and Interests: Making/performing music, Painting, Photography, Acting/producing films
Post-Grad Plans or Career Aspirations:  CEO of a highly diversified entertainment corporation
Activities:  Business Director at WRUV FM, Marketing Assistant at UVM Student Life

  Sean Candon
Major/ Minor:  Mechanical Engineering
Hometown:  Jericho, Vermont
Hobbies and Interests:Lifting weights, Movies, Football
Post-Grad Plans or Career Aspirations:Graduate school or work in the aerospace industry
Activities:  Tau Beta Pi President, Undergraduate Research Assistant, Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity

  Suven Cooper(Treasurer)
Major/ Minor:  Biological Sciences/Chemistry
Hometown: Durban, South Africa
Hobbies and Interests:  Snowboarding, Photography, Soccer, Broomball
Post-Grad Plans or Career Aspirations:Attending Medical School
Activities: Student Government Association (Committee on Legislative Action), Black Student Union, Speech writer for SGA Presidents, Founding Member of UVM's Eco-Ware program

  Mike Deedy(Secretary)
Major/ Minor:  Biology: Wildlife and Fisheries
Hometown: Worcester, MA
Hobbies and Interests: Baseball, Basketball, College sports, Grilling, Sleeping, Being outside
Post-Grad Plans or Career Aspirations:  Move to a big city; work in the environmental realm of education
Activities:President of the Interfraternity Council, Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, Advocat, Communications Office Student Blogger 

  Kyle DeVivo
Major/ Minor:  Double Major: Engineering Management and Business Administration
Hometown: Kensington, CT
Hobbies and Interests: Hockey, Football, Transportation Sustainability, Watching Sports, Playing Trumpet
Post-Grad Plans or Career Aspirations:  Working in the transportation industry and getting an MBA.
Activities:Student Trustee on Board of Trustees, Kappa Sigma Fraternity, Captain of UVM Inline Hockey Club, Distributions Manager at Vermont Cynic 

  Ryan Finnerty
Major/ Minor:  Economics/Geography
Hometown:  Saratoga, NY
Hobbies and Interests:  Ice and Rock Climbing, Triathlons
Post-Grad Plans or Career Aspirations:  U.S. Army Officer
Activities:  Army ROTC, Outing Club climbing leader and instructor

  Graham Glauber
Major/ Minor:  Sustainable Landscape Horticulture
Hometown: Bedford, NY
Hobbies and Interests: Volunteer Firefighter and Foreman (Bedford F.D.), Gardening, Photography, Jazz, The Simpsons!
Post-Grad Plans or Career Aspirations:  Starting my own landscape design and installation business.
Activities:President, UVM Horticulture Club, Chancellor (President) Alpha Zeta - Green Mountain Chapter, TA for "PSS 125- Woody Landscape Plants", employed as "Jack-of-all-trades" with UVM Grounds 

  Julian Golfarini(Vice President)
Major/ Minor:  Public Communication/Sociology
Hometown: New York, NY
Hobbies and Interests: The beautiful game, Being with friends/family, Traveling, Learning, and the Ladies.
Post-Grad Plans or Career Aspirations:  Still not sure what I want to do for a career, but I know I'd like to host a TED talk at some point in my life.
Activities:Student Government Association, AdvoCat, Dean of Students Advisory Board, UVMtv, Board of Trustees Selection Committee, and Inter-mural Sports (Team Total) 

  Paul Gross
Major/ Minor:  Double Major: Philosophy and Political Science
Hometown: Oakton, VA
Hobbies and Interests: Debate, Politics, Travel
Post-Grad Plans or Career Aspirations:  Either coaching intercollegiate debate, or looking for a job in Washington D.C.
Activities:Co-President of Lawrence Debate Union, News Editor at The Water Tower News 

  Max Hollman(Junior Link)
Major/ Minor:  Double Major: History and Economics
Hometown: Chevy Chase, MD
Hobbies and Interests:  Piano, HBO, Scholarship, Washington Redskins, Skiing, Grilling, Traveling
Post-Grad Plans or Career Aspirations:Attend law school
Activities:Legal Services Intern, President of Colleges Against Cancer, Honors College, Advocat, Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity  

  Christopher Lemieux
Major/ Minor:  Physical Education: Sport and Exercise Science
Hometown:  Manchester, NH
Hobbies and Interests:  Basketball,Running,Biking,Salsa Dancing
Post-Grad Plans or Career Aspirations:  Working with Children in the Physical Activity Realm
Activities:   President of Student Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC), Captain of UVM's Mens Track Team

  Phil Morin(Historian)
Major/ Minor:  Art History/Business Administration
Hometown: Eden, VT
Hobbies and Interests: Art, Metalsmithing, Blogging, and Community Service
Post-Grad Plans or Career Aspirations:  Currently looking into a few fellowships, hoping to be accepted into one of their programs.
Activities:Phi Mu Delta, IFC, FeelGood, Order of Omega, Davis Center Art Curating 

  John Sadek
Major/ Minor:  N/A
Hometown: N/A
Hobbies and Interests: N/A
Post-Grad Plans or Career Aspirations:  N/A

It is going to be a big year for us and we're all very excited, not only about graduating in the spring, but about making our last year at UVM something that we'll remember for the rest of our lives.

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