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The Boulder Society was formed in 1905 by a group of senior men in order to connect the student body to the administration. These men worked to bring the needs of the student body to the attention of the administration. Members had weekly meetings with the president of the University and were distinguished by the green jackets that they wore around campus.

The Boulder men founded the Student Government Association in the interest of creating a closer tie between the administration and the student body.

Boulder Plaque

" Discovered in 1847, this naturally formed boulder was brought to UVM and came to epitomize the mission of the University ... to transform the unversed into the well-rounded.

The UVM Boulder Society, established in 1905, is the oldest senior men's honor society in the country and strives to uphold the mission of the University.

This plaque is a gift from the UVM Boulder Class of 1992.

- From the UVM Boulder Plaque

  Boulder Society Pledge
As a member of the Boulder Society, I undertake to support and uphold the ideals of The University of Vermont and to foster its traditions.

I believe in the concept of the University as giving its students not only intellectual background but also those qualities of character and leadership, which are essential to a well-educated man.

I promise to work for the greatest good of The University of Vermont impartially and unselfishly, striving ever to raise the ideals and foster the traditions of the student body.

I recognize the obligation of our University to serve society and the obligation of its graduates to utilize for society's benefit the training received here.

As a member of the Boulder Society, I promise to live and act within the spirit of this pledge.

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