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The Unit charges for all of its services. Limited services are offered through General Fund Support from the College of Medicine Dean's Office for proposal preparation and/or manuscript review in situations where department and/or grant funds are not available. Chargeable costs include personnel, miscellaneous (project related supplies, copies, fax), computer hardware/software (when purchased specifically for a project). Faculty/Staff are required to maintain monthly Staff Activity Reports which track hours spent on both salary line and fee-for-service projects.


Personnel costs may be covered by:

-          Salary Line: listing appropriate percentage of Unit personnel in the salary line section of a grant/contract

-          Operating: listing as Statistical Services with a set amount to be billed as expensed on a monthly fee-for-service basis.


For research efforts requiring longer term commitments of personnel, salary line percent effort is the preferred mechanism of payment as fee-for-service does not guarantee availability of specific personnel on a project.


Effective July 1, 2013, fee-for-service rates for personnel listed under Operating: Statistical Services:


-          $200/hour for consultation/analysis services of Dr. Takamaru Ashikaga, Director

-          $130/hour for Senior.Faculty/Biostatisticians (G Badger, J Bunn, P Callas, S Naud, P Vacek)

-          $85/hour for M.S. Biostatisticians (M DeSarno, M Kenny, J Priest, J Skelly)

-          $50/hour for M.S. Data Analysts (none available)

-          $35/hour for research support staff (interviewing, coding, direct entry/scanning)


Note: Emergency requests for services without prior scheduling by Biostatistics personnel will be accommodated only if time permits and services will be charged at double the above rates.


Costs of project-specific supplies and computer hardware/software are billed on a monthly basis to projects listing percent salary line personnel as well as fee-for-service personnel.


Billing for all University research projects is done via the University of Vermont PeopleSoft journal entry system where the description includes either the service provided or the supply purchased as the reference. Hard copies are not provided separately.

As of July 2003, a Biostatistics Support Fee has been instituted on contracts/grants including Unit Faculty/Staff listed as a percent FTE salary line. The Support Fee includes all expenses related to the Unit's infrastructure and includes a network of PCs, Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) servers and workstations, an Integrated Voice Response (IVR) system, and a wide variety of statistical and scientific software tools (SAS, SUDAAN, AMOS, SPSS, SYSTAT, etc).The fee is based on actual costs in the Unit that enable Faculty/Staff to adequately perform their jobs. It is separate from any equipment/supplies/etc. requested for the exclusive use of the project. It includes hardware, software, systems support, travel expense for participation in professional workshops/meetings/presentations, relevant professional training and other infrastructure costs. Effective July 1, 2013, the standard cost structure is $17,228 per 1.00 FTE and should be applied to any/all salary line Biostatistics personnel listed on grants/contracts (budget justification available upon request).

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