Research Affiliate - Ken Helms

Ken Helms

Ken Helms, Research Affiliate

  • Ph.D., Arizona State University, 1994
  • Postdoctoral: Arizona State University 1995-1996, Texas A&M University 1998-2000, University of Lausanne 2000-2002
  • Texas A&M University 2002-2004, Assistant Research Scientist
  • University of Vermont 2004-12, Research Assistant Professor
  • University of Vermont 2012, Research Affiliate
Area of expertise

ecology and evolution

Contact Information
Email: Ken Helms

Office Hours: by appointment
Marsh Life Science Building, Rm 328
Phone: (802) 656-9012

Website for LAB



Research in the Helms laboratory uses social insects as model systems to develop and test basic theory in ecology and evolution. The laboratory addresses questions of broad significance, often on large geographic scales. Projects range from the study of sex ratio evolution in social insects, to the importance of ecological interactions among invasive species, to studies of the evolution of cooperation, conflict and cooperative breeding. While we make extensive use of modern techniques from fields such as molecular genetics, phylogeography, and geographic information systems, our research is grounded in the importance of understanding the natural history of species in their environment.

Selected Publications

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