Welcome from the Chair

The Spring 2010 semester, and with it a new decade of life sciences at UVM, is off to an exciting start. Biology and Biological Science courses are filled with enthusiastic students whose appetite for scientific knowledge is transforming traditional lectures into parlors of inquiry and lively discussions. More and more students are daring to venture away from the pages of the written text and explore the vista at the edge of knowledge, undaunted by the prospect of questioning the dogma. My colleagues and I welcome (and crave) this challenge as it keeps us on our proverbial toes, wary that we may miss the latest beat in science and be relegated to second fiddle by a student in our own class. Read more

Top News

Dr. Judith Van Houten Elected to the Rank of AAAS

Dr. Judith Van Houten, University Distinguished Professor, VT State EPSCoR Director, Vermont Genetics Network (VGN) Director, and George H. Perkins Professor of Biology, was recently elected to the rank of AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science) Fellow.

Dr. Van Houten is being honored for her "distinguished contributions to the field of chemosensory signal transduction and to the development of research infrastructure and pre-baccalaureate education throughout the state of Vermont".

Dr. Van Houten will be presented with this distinction in February 2010 at the AAAS Fellows Forum in San Diego, California. For more information about AAAS Fellows, please visit AAAS

Dr. Ballif Identifies Phosphorylation Sites on Proteins Regulating Cell growth and Proliferation

Need to know where your favorite protein is phosphorylated? You may want to have it analyzed by Dr. Bryan Ballif, Assistant Professor of Biology. Dr. Ballif is an expert on protein phosphorylation and the identification of protein phosphoryation sites using mass spectrometry. Every organism uses reversible phosphorylation to regulate its cellular processes. Read more

Faculty Spotlight: Alison Brody Receives the 2009 Jackie M. Gribbons Leadership Award

Alison K. Brody received the 2009 Jackie M. Gribbons Leadership Award from the Vermont Women in Higher Educatiion on October 30. The award is given to a person who has demonstrated leadership ability and effectiveness; served as a model and mentor for aspiring professionals; developed innovative programs/activities in higher education; contributed significantly to her institution and/or profession. Dr. Brody was praised for her exceptional mentoring; innovative curriculum reform; generous service to UVM and her profession; and leadership in the Biology Department. Also discussed as evidence of her accomplishments, were her active research program in Colorado and Kenya snd teaching awards.